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Friday, September 8, 2017

Peace Healers

Peace Healers
Peace needs, has no warriors, but healers.

Essentially how a narcissist gaslights you is by undermining, slowly till completely, your own truth (with small "t"), and then superceding their own unreality, version of reality or truth upon your perceived most doubtful senses or ways used to navigate the world in the past, so you become completely dependent on the narcissist - - for everything.

A narcissist tries her/his hardest to become your very emotional and moral compass; beware!
I remember well a voicemail left by Helen of Brooklyn: "I am not your enemy!" Well, should I not be the judge and jury to deliver that final verdict? I should definitely be, I believe. Well, in the sweet end, she had no substantial evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, to the contradictory she claimed!

Asking a narcissist to reflect on her/his intention, after you have suffered as a direct result of their behavior toward you, is very like asking, begging Cerberus to show you a way out of Hades.

I'm so dysfunctional in many ways, and I recognize, accept, and working towards healing those unhealthy parts; therefore, anyone I am involved with intimately, who is also as dysfunctional or more, needs to be at the stage of life where she has recognized, accepted, and in the process of working towards healing her unhealthy parts, also, or we are star-crossed.
So, being in an intimate relationship with someone who is completely consumed by their own dysfunctions, thus unable to bring anything substantial to the table, is not for me, though I usually will get attached quickly as a codependent, and begin to sacrifice my self more and more, in hopes of waking up the other to reciprocate, even just a tiny little bit.

The sacredness of the intimate space that two people involved in a functional relationship is engendered and maintained through complete vulnerability, honesty, compassion, and empathy, in order words, arduous toiling.

I will never understand how a woman, who is not a professional prostitute, could open her legs for me but not her heart, but if she is able and comfortable to do so in the beginning stages of the relationship, that's proof enough of her lack of character and hidden agendas; I am as responsible, also, for not having any forbearance in that way.
... and men, in general, do so, also, for simply sex and toxic male bonding points!

If you don't both take the time to make an effort to build a strong enough bridge to withstand your individual differences brought to bear on your intimate relationship, the smallest of your unresolved issues between you both will cause your bridge to fall down to unrecognizable pieces.

You will know, when you are truly onboard the train to journey to healing, when you start asking yourself: what role did I play in that? And you will ask yourself that specific kind of questions to really begin to identity, pinpoint the lesson or lessons to be learned or unlearned.

Narcissists are predators who camouflage as preys.

A narcissist is a perpetrator who camouflages as a victim.

A star-crossed concoction: any "beauty" pageantry system and low self-esteem.
...but the two seem to attract each other like opposite poles of a magnet.

I would love to reintroduce my Self to some narcissistic acquaintances as follows:
"Hello, my name is Clair."
"And Voyant is my last name."
Then watch with great amusement how long it takes them, in their baneful self-absorption, to recognize​ a sacred union.
I would wager a glass of red wine, that most of them could never succeed at that.

At times, lessons are not to be learned, but unlearned.

Some nimble and glib ones, in order to mitigate (quite unsuccessfully, I should add), to the devolution of our whole humanity, their existential angst, become high-risk takers, whether on Wall Street, other professional positions, or in their personal lives, through mainly the creation, manipulation of fear of scarcity, and they get chemically well rewarded, in their estimation and addiction, with material things, which are the potent drugs of the one-percenters.

Blessed are the un-nimble and un-glib, for they shall inherit Goddess's consciousness.

Blessed are the un-nimble and un-glib, for they shall know that they are insignificant and immortal, reconcile the two, and act accordingly.

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