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Friday, September 1, 2017

Morass of Falsity

Morass of Falsity
If you really only listen to folks, they can't lie to you at all, and if you only truly observe the sum of their actions, well then you would think that you were clairvoyant, indeed!

A lot of women have allowed themselves to be ruined, emotionally and physically in some instances, by the "bad" boys who they love and fear so much; ruined for they have not taken cosmic responsibility to heal and grow, but instead look for a "good" man to hurt emotionally, and physically at times.

Courage comes naturally, when you completely accept your cowardice.

Throwing money at everything, especially natural disasters' victims, relieves us from truly connecting with each other on an intimate level or any other authentically deeper level.

The morass of falsity that surrounds some folks may bog one down to a definite halt, then complete standstill.

Return to your Self, and learn anew the rhythm of your soul or being.

Kindly decline to attend, if invited to dine at a lioness's table, for your food chain relationship will never change from predator-prey to predator-predator, and you, as a carcass, will certainly be served at her next feast with her cubs, when hungry.

Some of us have been evicted out of our own lives by pain, suffering inflicted upon our body and mind by others, and at times by our own hands, and are totally unaware that we may collect our selves back, once we decide to be cosmically responsible for our eviction, and forgive our selves in order to heal, and then enter into a new lease with our being or Goddess's consciousness.

Those, who don't unlearn from their dysfunctional relationships, are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

The outside world is most unforgiving; therefore, if you daily do not practice self-forgiveness, your intimate relationship with thee most important person in the universe, you, is definitely star-crossed!

Folks will avoid true introspection at all costs, for they don't ultimately know how to forgive themselves for what will inevitably be unearthed, and, then, be cosmically responsible for all of their actions, "good" and "bad."

If most of the time when you talk (can't say communicate!) with each other, it's always about speaking disparagingly of others, then you are definitely not getting to know each other intimately at all, for all the time and space is deflected away from the both of you to do the hard work of being vulnerable with each other.

Redemption, through total self-acceptance and daily rituals of self-forgiveness, is thee ultimate gift you can give to your Self.

Redemption is not contingent on any externals or what-man-can-giveth-then-taketh; a serial killer on death row can find redemption within his own humanity, heart, soul, or Goddess's Grace.

I take credit for one good thing: During my most dysfunctional relationship with Helen of Brooklyn, I never asked, begged, or demanded that she spent time with me - - I had learned that hard lesson from a previous dysfunctional relationship: you don't even request for someone to spend time intimately with you, for she/he will use that perceived "weakness" on your part to make various kinds of hefty withdrawals out of your life!
Thus, we only saw each other, when it was convenient for her rest schedule, and when she came by my apartment, she had to be the center of my complete attention (she's a true narcissist!); if I even wanted to leave the bedroom, she would ask where was I running off to; If I was going to buy food mainly for her dinner and her next day's lunch for work, she would want to come along, and would complain when I refused to take her along - - never wanted to take her along, for we would have always ended up at several other shops to spend my hard-earned money on her. I also ended up totally neglecting my workout at the gym, and eating a healthy diet to accommodate her lifestyle, rest and attention-seeking schedule.
But I didn't know even where she lived with her "husband" and children, so I couldn't even go visit her; our implicitly agreed-upon (yes, I am complicit equally in ALL of it, for the almost three years we spent seeing each other intimately and most dysfunctionally) arrangement worked completely in her favor, more to the point, favors of all kinds I could indulge her in!

Self-forgiveness soothes the very soul, like a mother to her child.

My truth is that my biological mother was an emotionally distant person, though she loved me very much in her own dysfunctional ways; therefore, I look for a low emotional IQ in a prospectively intimate partner.

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