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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Toxic Prototype

Toxic Prototype
You and only you know or should entertain the idea of whether someone should have another chance to prove worthy to be intimately in your life, so don't give her/him any opportunity to explain away misdeeds against you!

The internalized, toxic prototype of the construct of "manhood" that some women hold in high esteem is that of an abusive, misogynistic, manipulative, overpowering partner, and a womanizer with an emotional IQ of a cave man; she may profess otherwise in words, but follow the sum of her actions instead; if you were to deviate from her mostly unconscious ideal "man" in any substantial ways, you will be punished dearly, in deeds, for your vulnerability, empathy, compassion, discernment, feminism will not be reciprocated at all, but mostly vilified, both subtly and overtly.

When folks are within their hazy bubble of self-deception, don't ever attempt to tell or show them that truth is not a liar.

Some women will wait until they've squandered all of their beauty and youth to look for a "good" man, while some men will wait till they've squandered all of their health and money to look for a "good" woman.
What they should both, in their common case, be looking for is the quickest way to Hades, and alone!

Allow your inner truth to be your compass along your physical and emotional journey, and not comfort.

Every woman has a frontal orifice between her legs, so if that is all you, as a woman, have or are willing to offer an intimate partner, your chances of engendering a functional relationship with the other are absolutely nil!

If you're having intercourse with your partner, and think, believe she/he owes you money, material things, and other favors, it's because you are having cheap sex, and not making mutual romantic love at all; therefore, expect resentments to set in fully on both sides, if you both keep on keeping on on that route!

If you are not listening to your intimate partner explicitly, and sometimes implicitly, express her/his emotional and physical needs, and doing your utmost to fulfill their emotional bids, then you are basically trapped in a most dysfunctional relationship in which resentments' build-up will sever soon enough any codependency's feeble entanglement.

A lot of elders of the Civil Rights era have only implicitly biased hindsights predicated on racial injustice of the past, but have absolutely no impartial insight and foresight into how to heal our bruised humanity, so that we may finally be able to welcome our "beloved community."

Extra, Extra, Read All About It! :
The Earth is flat!
The chances of a "Black" person getting murdered by another "Black" person eclipse those of getting killed by a police officer of any "race."
The chances of a "Black" woman getting murdered, or sexually assaulted by her intimate "Black" male partner eclipse those of her getting killed by a police officer of any "race."
But I might as well yell fire in a crowded place, and expect the U.S. Constitution to protect my "free speech!"

Beware of those who constantly desire and love to be gifted, for they seldom reciprocate.

I am grateful that Goddess created me a neurodivergent folk.

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