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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Lexapro & Libido

Lexapro & Libido
I have reached the wonderful stage in my life where I don't much need a partner or my right hand for sexual relief, in order words, my libido is well below average for a man my age on Lexapro. Ah, the sublime relief from that specific human desire, thus peace of mind!

Redemption is, in essence, within the practice or journey of constant self-forgiveness.

Romantic love is not at all essential in forming a functionally intimate relationship, but, when present, it helps to solidify the important characteristics needed.

Oh, how some most self-centered folks, usually the ones who inhabit victimhood, always make sure that they never have enough to share with others, for they squander all their care, sympathy, discernment, acknowledgement, time, money, empathy, and material things on themselves and only themselves!

One can't go, come into an intimate relationship empty-handed, empty-hearted, empty-minded in most related functional skills and characteristics, and expect forever-after, but only daily miracle after miracle, self-denial and -sacrifice, which won't even be enough to keep up with one's negatively impacted body, mind, and soul.

The body keeps scores of negativity, and metes out reciprocal consequences most like karmic law or Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Ill-intentioned "prayers" to Goddess to take actions on your behalf are indeed solemn incantations to Hades to engage in negotiations with your most feeble mind, heart for your eternal soul.

Before any two folks truly commit to an intimate relationship through marriage or with trusting each other deeply, they should definitely spend at least six months away from each other to look at their dynamics from a distance, for distance will surely, to a great extent, allow the attachment's hormonal effects to subside, thereby clearing the mind for good decisions, especially on whether to move forward or not.

If we all learn to really take care of each other, and keep our greed, cosmic angst to a minimum, money would have no real value at all in the next fifty years or less.

The value that I assign to money has decreased exponentially, since my last Summer trip to Vegas, as I was beginning to make my descend to the lowest level of Dante's Inferno.
I had two credit cards; each with a few thousands dollars limit, plus an ATM card with a couple more thousands available, and I felt completely numb, unable to enjoy any of it (not the stage shows, the food, and the general fun atmosphere); my depression had already started its darkest effects/symptoms, months before and during the saddest Winter of my adult life, to clinical level, and a sky-high anxiety/panic disorder on minute-by-minute basis to follow daily the following Summer to clinical level.
Oh, this is NOT a woe-is-me account, but a grateful-is-me, for Goddess's Grace, and all the mental health professional folks that She sent my way to help me through my recovery, and certainly the peeling away of most of my falsehood, cosmic angst, and disharmony within.

What's the difference between politicians and activists?
Only that, in essence, politicians are "elected" mainly by the one-percenters, and activists are mainly "elected" by their own cosmic angst, greed for more privileges, and their insidious need to not see themselves in the created other by acting morally superior publicly.

When entering into an intimate relationship, if you don't have the time or make time to truly get to know each other, usually because one of the participants is holding back as a manipulative or power-over tactic, you will find yourself looking for the missing pieces of the emotional puzzle way past the natural allotted time and space.

To: The Alt-left Activists
You continue to villify, demonize Lady Caitlyn Jenner, for she is a republican, even though she has been given money to her lgbqia community; I hope that you are as courageous, authentic, loving, compassionate, and empathetic as she has been with your most unfair attacks on her very humanity, cosmic responsibility and freedom, when the Alt-right activists return the disfavor.

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