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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Inherent Sacredness

Inherent Sacredness
At this stage of human evolution, quite possibly devolution, if we still cannot treat each other as the precious, sacred sentient beings that we are, let us, then, treat each other with compassion and empathy, if not possible, then with respect, if still not possible, then with total indifference, and of course in our separate little corner of this big world. Isn't this world big enough? Hubris, greed, legacy, the false fear of scarcity, and tribalism might definitely keep us from perceiving it to be so!

The daily practice of self-forgiveness is to live with complete abandon within mystery.

One shouldn't go into an intimate relationship with the intent of making only withdrawals, for patience, magnanimity, discernment, romantic love, compassion and empathy are all in limited - - but renewable if deposits are also being made - - allowance, supply with any mortal; therefore, soon the other will be running a zero balance or worse a negative one, but all the while, the human account for resentment, indifference, impatience, misunderstanding, distrust, and dislike will be running a positively high balance.

It's definitely impossible to know someone who doesn't know, or even want to, well their own self intimately, for if someone is not daily practicing self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and self-acceptance unconditionally, that person inhabits victimhood, and self-loathinghood, in order words, their former self is shattered into so many pieces, and most of the shards are lost or buried too far deep the subconscious.

Unrequited love is indifference.

Those, who don't know or want to know themselves well intimately, ultimately fear cosmic responsibility and freedom.

Every day we fail to recognize and honor the preciousness and sacredness in each one of us, sentient beings, is a natural disaster.

All my life, until this very moment, I wanted to be neurotypical, for I didn't believe so enough to simply put into daily practice that I am - - always was, and will eternally be - - inherently precious and sacred just as Goddess has created, neurodivergent me.

One could, will never be enough for another who isn't truly ready and able to give herself/himself intimately with abandon.

Hail Lexapro!
Decry Libido.

There's absolutely nothing one can, could, should, and need to do to make anyone love and respect you, for it is all up to the other human being whether she/he chooses or essentially is capable to do so; therefore, don't waste your precious time and energy, or sacrifice yourself in that pre-doomed undertaking!

To excavate one's shards of a former self, which have been deeply buried into the subconscious requires hard toiling of emotional digging, preferably with a therapist or spiritual advisor, and most of us are not ready and willing to do so, unless a deeply painful crisis offers us no other way out of our falsehood, but to choose the bare essence of us.

Mental health professionals of all "races" and creeds have saved my life during my last complete mental breakdown; how could I not be forever moved by that: "good" folks in all tribes, and certainly "bad" ones, also. I belong only to our whole humanity or Goddess's consciousness.

Money, privilege, legacy, and competition are all zero-sum games, which is why you may observe a lot of folks use human discontentment and suffering, like war, natural disaster, civil rights mockery, and outbreaks of deadly diseases, to line their pockets, for once you have amassed those aforementioned factors/resources, no one wants any of them to be devalued for too many other people have so acquired them also.

Why would anyone need other folks' money/donations to take care of or help natural disasters', wars', or deadly diseases' outbreak victims? Would not your own time, physical presence, human spirit, and whatever personal material goods of your own be more than enough to bring to bear to feel morally superior, or ease your guilty conscience, if that is indeed the end goals to begin with, and not truly lining your own pockets or building your legacy? Oh, Goddess, human hubris has no end!

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