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Monday, August 28, 2017

Brief Eternity

Brief Eternity
Oh, let me reincarnate
As a butterfly
To taste the nectar
Of brief eternity
On her lips soft.

Wanting and fighting for an equal piece of the pie, which is as a result at the heart of all perpetual human disharmony and war, is in deeds to help propagate the very ills one may be trying to rid the human world of.
Our insidious construct of privilege is a zero-sum game that we all have inherited as human beings, which must be accepted, honored, and respected, until we all essentially have transcended it to the point of truly seeing the very person in front of each one of us as thee most important person in the whole wide world, period, and not only assigning that preciousness or sacredness to only members of our tribe, family, or in-group.

Hell must be an integrated space with both "good" and "evil" folks with ill intentions.

Both "good" and "evil" folks may have ill intentions in common, but the "evil" ones may be more willing to acknowledge, and repent of their wickedness than the self-professed "good" ones.

Maybe, just maybe, behind the need by some in the LGBTQIA+ community to disparage Ms. Caitlyn Jenner's character in the media is the sinister plot of leftist activists, who are mainly in the moral one-upmanship game for their own selfish gains of privileges/money, in order to preserve the myth that transgender women are a monolithic subgroup of our humanity, who are mostly disenfranchised and in dire need of government and private fundings.
Not only is she "White" and rich, but also a republican! You really can't use her as an underprivileged, liberal ideologies reference point to apply for government and private grants, can you?
In essence, Lady Caitlyn Jenner has "stolen" the media spotlight from those who wanted to remain the main focus of the transgender movement in the U.S. in order to line their pockets, and that is unforgivable, as they may perceive it, especially for she is a republican!

The real or authentic anyone is a true concoction of the you-at-your-worst and the you-at-your-best, but the former (on both sides) is never allowed to be seen at the beginning stages (5+ years at least) of an intimate relationship; therefore, one can never say after rushing things along for whatever reasons, "Oh, I thought I knew her/him!" Thus, the wherefore you must take your time to truly get to know another human being; there's absolutely no way around that, if you are living with unambiguous ownership of your cosmic responsibility!

Some folks assign such high value to money, and at the same time you can literally watch them squander their money, as if it were dirty water, and all while they want you, who has been most frugal with your own money, to dispense it to them as freely as if you were printing some illegal bills! How do they value money so highly, and still manage to not respect it enough to learn budgeting skills?
Maybe, it's because their internalized fear of scarcity, having the total adverse effects, is too great to manage on their own, and also for they subscribe to the life-is-too-short falsehood.

I am most relieved that my small one-bedroom apartment, which I am most grateful for to say the least, is no longer being used as all-free storage space and a cluttered, dusty hotel room by Helen of Brooklyn!

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