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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nothingness & Groundlessness

Nothingness & Groundlessness
Here's a delightful, cosmic paradox: nothingness is everything; groundlessness is all.

At the center of any human being's fear is the fallacy that one is somehow more important than the whole; the part is never more important than the whole; a mere single atomic particle of the total elements making up the universe one human being's life is, in the greater cosmic scheme of things.

The hubris of human doing, not being at all, is as humongous and insidious as the cosmos is infinite.

The insignificance of any one human life or any of the subgroup's is worth acknowledging, experiencing in stillness, and accepting as the only truly way to live with the grandest of the universe, as one with all there is.

Any human construct, if taken too seriously as fact or truth, is dangerous, if not destructive.

Love is not a human construct, but a universal element.

Hatred is fear of love and her kins, in a vain attempt to be other or to create the other.

The universe is love, but our fear and denial of our own insignificance to her magnitude leaves us living in opposition of her, against our own best interests as a species.

When it comes to any of the human constructs, scarcity is NOT a myth, but holds true, for external power is relative; it's a zero-sum game.

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