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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Legalized Violent Outlet

Legalized Violent Outlet
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When a misandrist meets a misogynist, you have violence being perpetrated on both sides.

As it relates to most states, homophobia is elemental; the state wants, needs his males to be as constrained as inhumanely possible to their breaking point of violence, so when a state seeks to violently topple another, his males will serve him well to that end without question, for their internalized, learned way of living needs a legalized violent outlet such as war.

My rights as a human being are cosmic, natural, internal; therefore, they are not dependent on any externals, state, or society bestowing upon me.

As long as the state nurtures his males to be violent, war will continue to be.

All self-anointed "alpha" males are misogynists.

All self-anointed "alpha" females live with internalized misogyny and misandry to a lesser extent.

Matriarchy is or would be the exact same as patriarchy; only the de facto representatives at the top of the pyramid would be of a different gender.

My privileges as a member of a society are dependent on the whims of those at the very top of the pyramidical power structure, and those with proxies to a lesser extent.

War is legalized state sponsored violence to gain access to more power for mainly those at the very top of the pyramidical power structure.

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