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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Untransmuted Anger & Rage

Untransmuted Anger & Rage
The intellectual sees the individual as an integral part of humanity as a whole, while the scholar perceives her only as a mere representation of a tribe or in-group.

The other's true character will always be revealed once you firmly state and stand by those words: "enough" and "no more."

The long-held belief that "men" is supposed to "protect" "women" from the outside world is internalized misogyny and anti-feminism, and to a lesser extent misandry.

Perceiving a man as a woman's protector further validates the pernicious patriarchal concept which dictates that women are of less value than men.

If you self-identity as "Black" or folk of color, and espouse the idea of "Black pride," - - some even write and verbalize it as "unapologetically Black and proud" - - then, why would you get upset when a "White" person speaks of "White pride?" Why vilify the other as supremacist, prejudiced, amoral, and KKK-affiliated?  Identifying proudly with your tribe is fine, but not the other way around?  Some subscribe to the ideology that "Black" folks can't be biased since they are for the most part marginalized or underprivileged, but I believe everyone is fully capable of being implicitly biased.  We are all responsible for creating a more compassionate world, and that journey to our "beloved community" begins with each individual internally.  Renounce your inherited and/or chosen tribe first, before showing, allowing time/space for another to kindly follow in your humanitarian, wise footsteps.

Activism as well as clicktivism are quickly becoming synonymous with untransmuted anger and rage which will inevitably turn into hate.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Statements of Renouncement

Statements of Renouncement
I am not Black:
I renounce that external identity.
I am not Haitian-American:
I renounce nationality.
I am not on the left,
The middle, or right
Of the political spectrum:
I am all of our human frailties.
I am not formally​ diseducated:
I renounce all human constraints.
I am not proud of any label:
I renounce pride.
(From denial and shame to acceptance is glimpse enough of divinity.)
I renounce legacy:
Human life is divine
For it is finite.
I renounce war:
Privilege has no cosmic worth.
I renounce war in the name of peace:
Peace is love, compassion, and empathy for all, including perceived enemies or opponents.

I renounce ancestry:
Ancestor's construct is inevitably most pernicious,
For each tribe claims its ancestors, Which only further divides us; Voices of the past have only perpetuated more violence in the name of settling old wars to look favorably in the eyes - - but more to the point: in the memories of the dead - - of tribal ancestors.

The dead have and should have no memory, thus palpable power over the present and future of the living.

Ancestry is a vile, most hubristic way for human beings to attempt to deny the finality of human life by death.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hubris & Illusion of Separateness

Hubris & Illusion of Separateness
An intellectual as I discern is someone who keeps her ears, eyes, mind, and heart open, or at least stays vigilant in trying to do so. Thus, by my definition, a formal education doesn't make one an intellectual, suffice to say.  I have observed plenty of folks with formal higher education who are anti-intellectual, for they prefer to live unchallenged, thus unburdened in their perception and in their learned and subscribed views of the world and how to snuggly fit within their respective in-group.

Our denial of our own insignificance leads to hubris, which creates the "other" or isolation from our oneness, and in turn that gives birth to human suffering.

An intellectual is not necessarily a scholar, and vice versa.

The "other" is born out our collective learned separateness or isolation from our nonduality.

Those who are willing to die for what they believe in are no different than those who kill for what they believe in, for any human construct taken too seriously is dangerous, if not destructive.

Humility is the concrete acknowledgement and the journey to accepting our individual insignificance in the universe.

Legacy is the hubristic attempt to deny death or the finality of any human life.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Immortal & Insignificant

Immortal & Insignificant
The man who hoards privilege shares the same mentality as the man who covets longingly more of it; one will use the sword to safeguard his, while the other to amass more of his.

Immortal and insignificant is a human being.

All of human's doings are insignificant and ephemeral.

Why can't a true feminist be pro-life?

Why can't a person of color be a republican or conservative, and still be thought of as a moral person?

The pro-choice folks who take their position too seriously are as dangerous to themselves and others as the pro-life folks who perceived themselves as doing God's work.

Why can't a person of color be pro-life and still pass for a liberal or democrat?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Nothingness & Groundlessness

Nothingness & Groundlessness
Here's a delightful, cosmic paradox: nothingness is everything; groundlessness is all.

At the center of any human being's fear is the fallacy that one is somehow more important than the whole; the part is never more important than the whole; a mere single atomic particle of the total elements making up the universe one human being's life is, in the greater cosmic scheme of things.

The hubris of human doing, not being at all, is as humongous and insidious as the cosmos is infinite.

The insignificance of any one human life or any of the subgroup's is worth acknowledging, experiencing in stillness, and accepting as the only truly way to live with the grandest of the universe, as one with all there is.

Any human construct, if taken too seriously as fact or truth, is dangerous, if not destructive.

Love is not a human construct, but a universal element.

Hatred is fear of love and her kins, in a vain attempt to be other or to create the other.

The universe is love, but our fear and denial of our own insignificance to her magnitude leaves us living in opposition of her, against our own best interests as a species.

When it comes to any of the human constructs, scarcity is NOT a myth, but holds true, for external power is relative; it's a zero-sum game.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Legalized Violent Outlet

Legalized Violent Outlet
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When a misandrist meets a misogynist, you have violence being perpetrated on both sides.

As it relates to most states, homophobia is elemental; the state wants, needs his males to be as constrained as inhumanely possible to their breaking point of violence, so when a state seeks to violently topple another, his males will serve him well to that end without question, for their internalized, learned way of living needs a legalized violent outlet such as war.

My rights as a human being are cosmic, natural, internal; therefore, they are not dependent on any externals, state, or society bestowing upon me.

As long as the state nurtures his males to be violent, war will continue to be.

All self-anointed "alpha" males are misogynists.

All self-anointed "alpha" females live with internalized misogyny and misandry to a lesser extent.

Matriarchy is or would be the exact same as patriarchy; only the de facto representatives at the top of the pyramid would be of a different gender.

My privileges as a member of a society are dependent on the whims of those at the very top of the pyramidical power structure, and those with proxies to a lesser extent.

War is legalized state sponsored violence to gain access to more power for mainly those at the very top of the pyramidical power structure.