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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Cosmic One

The Cosmic One
We ALL have privileges, but want more; therefore, we use and abuse each other to that end.

Privilege inequality has long supplanted racial inequality in the U.S., and maybe the world.

At times, suffering may be the strongest bond between sentient beings.

Our own suffering teaches us empathy for one another.

Human love inevitably leads to suffering; suffering inevitably leads to empathy; empathy inevitably leads back to suffering.

To love is to know suffering, inevitably; to suffer is to experience empathy, inevitably; to empathize is to suffer with the created other.

To accept suffering unconditionally is to be fully human or alive.

Where love may miss the mark, suffering inevitably hits bull's-eye in connecting us all as the cosmic one.

The road to forgiveness is the spiritual discernment that anyone who has hurt another sentient being is in pain also.

To be able to hurt another is the very definition of suffering projected outwardly.

Pain not nursed and soothed within will inevitably turn without and reflexively so.

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