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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Non-colored Lives Matter

Non-colored Lives Matter
Folks, mostly morally unanointed politicians disguised as Civil Rights activists, involved in the "Black" Lives Matter movement, otherize themselves, and at the same time otherize another whole subgroup of humanity, which they cast full blame upon for having disenfranchised them and their ancestors, by not specifying clearly , all the while, that the lives of folks of non-color matter also indeed in our inextricable web of humanity.
I understand the want and insidious need to identify with a subgroup of humanity, whether it is the human constructs of race, religion, culture, sex, et al., but all that does is to further isolate folks within their immediate clan or tribe, where their implicit biases and isms will be validated, reinforced, and proliferated exponentially.

At times, we reach outside of ourselves to fix what is troubling us internally.

When folks look and perform in certain ways, we reflexively treat them according to society's preordained order, in other words, we tow the linear line.

One way society controls​ the marginalized is by restricting their natural space, and you don't have to be in jail necessarily, which is one of the reasons​ why the underprivileged feels so oppressed.

Some folks have insidiously and seamlessly merged those two warlike tactics into their only way of living: use others or be used by them.

Alas, your worst fears projected outside of yourself unto the world doesn't make you Satan, but human like the rest of us.

The most insidious form of learned and/or internalized "racism" originates from some disfranchised, marginalized folks who believe that because they have not much of external power, that in turn somehow makes​ them unable to be "racists." Your thoughts alone can qualify you as a "racist." To be implicitly biased is in all of us.

If the experience yields lesson(s), then your time and other resources have been well-allocated and -used.

Watching, listening, and/or reading about politics from the outside is like watching the Francis Ford Coppola's Godfather movie, and duping yourself into believing that you discern, intellectually or otherwise, everything taking place or that has taken place. Just allowing yourself to accept that it is all obfuscation is most wise.

Some folks will feign "helping" another in their vain attempt to feel superior; others, if you help them too closely will avenge their feelings of inferiority. 

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