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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Misandry, Misogyny, & Consent

Misandry, Misogyny, & Consent
As a broken, it's no wonder that one gets into an intimate relationship with another who is also broken​, but one of the many blessings​ the Universe bestows upon brokenness is that lessons as light will easily penetrate through her many cracks.

It takes two to compete; some of us compete against our-selves, since we have split ourselves into two irreconcilable entities.

The word "nigger" does not belong to any subgroup of humanity, but to the whole; I watched a "person of color" on Bill Maher's HBO show (June 09, 2017 episode) say, " ... the word belongs to us now; we are not giving it back! " Now that is clearly separate-but-equal mentality, privilege, and entitlement. "Folks of color" who believe in such idea desecrate the graves of human ancestors who were of non-color, and who also marched alongside Rev. Dr. King for Civil Rights in this country.

One's dysfunctional familiar is destiny.

We attempt to escape dysfunctions in our family and within ourselves to finding ourselves enmeshed with their familiarity in the arms of others.

Our construct of money is like children playing with and fighting over widgets; the value of the​ widgets depends on the societal indoctrination and to what extent the individual has aligned her internal life compass with such or aligned her internal evaluation of money to reflect her cosmic responsibility and freedom.

Here's how high privilege and stereotype, stigma, "racism," and all the other isms cancel each other out: a person of color may be stereotyped, until his carte of privilege is verified to be treated otherwise; while a person of non-color may be profiled as privileged, until his carte relegates him to the lower classes of privileged as poor, uneducated, et al.

Listen with eyes of discernment, for your ears may be fooled by magical tongues.

Beware: there are some misandristic "females" who only want external power or privilege in any form from the "males" that they get close enough to, and some "males" who only want "sex" from the "females" they get close enough to - - and consent is a definitely foreign concept to those "alpha," misogynistic males.

The externally powerless and powerful both use the sword as means to amass, manipulate, and maintain privileges.

"Justice" is legalized revenge.

When I remind myself of the inconsequential of an individual human life in the cosmic scheme of things, I can fully accept my life moment by moment as is.

If you have to fight for it, it has no cosmic worth; you never have to fight for love and her kins.

Cosmic value is only found in love and her kins.

Privilege is the antithesis of change.

Our construct of privilege is anti-life, for it is the antithesis of cosmic freedom.

We are all made to be unwittingly slaves to our own construct of privilege.

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