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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset
The peril of too much electronic entertainment for kids nowadays is that they don't stand a chance to develop an imagination of their own, but that is exactly what the status quo of high privilege or linear order wants: folks with no chance of developing an​ empowering and moral imagination, which would have thwarted the various tools of oppression.

Women are inculcated, socialized, bamboozled, and dichotomized - - as paralleled two-selves - - to want to get married, and men to not want to get divorced once coupled, by all means, and at times to perilous, if not disastrous, ends.

By the time you've been saying "sorry" for the hundredth​ times for the same exact infraction, the connotation and denotation of the word becomes clearly that of trickery and irresponsibility for one's behavior and consequences.

Be ever mindful of the parasitic scarcity mindset, for it leaves its host's wants and desires to climb up rapidly and vastly, while fulfillment simultaneously to decrease sharply to non-existent.

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