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Friday, May 19, 2017

Offense & Sentence

Offense & Sentence
Love assayed needs not justify herself; love assayed is always reciprocated, for she is her own, intrinsic reward; love assayed is cosmic freedom, for she is expansive: the more she gives of herself, the more she multiplies exponentially...

Perpetrators should not get to define and pinpoint when and where offenses have occurred, then how and when forgiveness bears fruits​.

How boonful it would be
To commit an offense,
Be judge and jury
For your sentence?

Folks, with very little to no coping skills and a self-care regimen for the inevitable storms along the journey, will search for in others a need to sacrifice themselves in order to relive familiar, learned, and dysfunctional relationship patterns.

When one lives life responsibly, forgiving another, especially if one believes in the self-poisonous act of consciously or subconsciously withholding forgiveness, in general, is fairly easy; thus, the rub is in actively creating fertile ground for self-forgiveness to take root and flourish within, especially​ when the external world is constantly sending directly or indirectly messages of revenge or justice to reciprocate any level of perceived offense.

I ruminate, therefore I write.

I write, therefore I flourish.

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