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Monday, May 29, 2017

Isms as Tools

Isms as Tools
Forgiveness and responsibility, whether legal, moral, or cosmic, are not mutually exclusive.

Sex and love shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder, premeditated or not.

A lot of morally unanointed politicians are disguised as Civil Rights activists.

True Civil Rights activists are not politicians, though at times they may use some tactics from the political arsenal, which is why they are always imprisoned unfairly, assassinated, or simply forced to give up such lofty ideals, such as to bring more legal rights or relative privileges into the lives of the marginalized or masses.

Love and sex could never conspire to perform an act.

A lot of so-called religious "leaders" are really morally unanointed politicians, for they serve the state well in its need to indoctrinate the individual with a zero-sum to negative-sum mentality, as it strives to inculcate within him the isms as a way of living ever fearful of and in direct competition for scarce resources with his fellow human beings.

Having lots of money and/or high privileges gives NO one an any true advantage in life, for human suffering is inherent, thus unavoidable with or without high privilege, but our collective ego in spite of has created our fear of scarcity and along with it our imagined superiority or inferiority.

The master suffers more than his slave, for he has been bamboozled to believe that he has more important things in life to lose than his slave; therefore, his imagined, but real fears are greater.

Most of us reach into what's always assigned, preordained by society as a way of living, while very few reach out and up to more nobler grounds.

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