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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fallibility & Compassion

Fallibility & Compassion
We are hormonal beings, who, with patience, lots of practice, and self-love, are rational or wise at times; therefore, we should be self-compassionate always, especially when our wisest intentions are not reflected in our choices and actions - - short-term or long-term.

Fear of abandonment may utter words of romantic love - - but never love assayed - - but it is only and purely fear or dysfunction, for love, of any kind, and fear will never meet at any point of our human journey.

Knowing better does not always translate into doing better, and that is why self-compassion is so important; we are fallible creatures, at our most human core.

Helen of Brooklyn has taught me inadvertently, that it takes one to initiate a want or need for a conversation, but two to converse, and not to waste my time at attempting to hold a conversation with another who is not of the same mind and goals.

Knowing and applying are not always mutually inclusive.

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