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Monday, May 29, 2017

Isms as Tools

Isms as Tools
Forgiveness and responsibility, whether legal, moral, or cosmic, are not mutually exclusive.

Sex and love shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder, premeditated or not.

A lot of morally unanointed politicians are disguised as Civil Rights activists.

True Civil Rights activists are not politicians, though at times they may use some tactics from the political arsenal, which is why they are always imprisoned unfairly, assassinated, or simply forced to give up such lofty ideals, such as to bring more legal rights or relative privileges into the lives of the marginalized or masses.

Love and sex could never conspire to perform an act.

A lot of so-called religious "leaders" are really morally unanointed politicians, for they serve the state well in its need to indoctrinate the individual with a zero-sum to negative-sum mentality, as it strives to inculcate within him the isms as a way of living ever fearful of and in direct competition for scarce resources with his fellow human beings.

Having lots of money and/or high privileges gives NO one an any true advantage in life, for human suffering is inherent, thus unavoidable with or without high privilege, but our collective ego in spite of has created our fear of scarcity and along with it our imagined superiority or inferiority.

The master suffers more than his slave, for he has been bamboozled to believe that he has more important things in life to lose than his slave; therefore, his imagined, but real fears are greater.

Most of us reach into what's always assigned, preordained by society as a way of living, while very few reach out and up to more nobler grounds.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Reflection

My reflection  on an article entitled, " Why Straight Men Kill The Trans Women They Love " by Jen Richards:
It is a most vulnerable piece of writing on the topic of transphobia, which, for me, is inextricably linked to misogyny, and homophobia, especially - - all tools of oppression used to reinforce the status quo of high privilege or external power.

We must not conflate sex with love, though; I would wager that all the men who killed trans women had internalized misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia; they might have had sex with the trans women who performed womanhood in their eyes well enough, but it is fairly safe to believe, that they did not love them.

The men who have killed trans women must be held responsible for their internalized transphobia/misogyny/homophobia, and society at large for its indoctrination of such isms.

Love and sex, like day and night, shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder.

The fear of being called "gay" is internalized homophobia, misogyny, and transphobia, I believe.

Goddess bless!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Opus & Self-oppression

Opus & Self-oppression
If she doesn't love opera, she is not an opus.

The other has no bearing on what my forgiveness' fruits look, shape, and/or taste like, and definitely not when they ripen naturally on the tree.

If she doesn't listen to music at bedtime, she is not a classic.

If your snoring doesn't sound like bel canto of nymphs to him, he is not your Romeo.

Manhood, as it has been constructed over the centuries, is self-oppression, so it's no wonder why men seek to then oppress each other and women, as the other, to mirror their own oppression.

I believe that we, as sentient beings, engage in gossiping for two very different, distinct reasons: a fun way to learn about and most importantly to recognize the darkness in us all as inherently human; the other is to distance ourselves from and deny our own darkness, in a vain attempt to feel superior or in control of it all, but mainly for we have not the necessary tools to navigate such and most darkly human territory at its core.

He has been a dumb one
Who thought he was a Don Juan.

Some perpetrators will apologize to you, but in the same breath retract the apology; I guess unbeknownst to them, for what is the point, then. Well, maybe, most likely manipulations of some kind.

Oh, how the darkness seeks to extinguish the light, when one does not embrace ​both, in order to allow them to coexist in nonduality.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Offense & Sentence

Offense & Sentence
Love assayed needs not justify herself; love assayed is always reciprocated, for she is her own, intrinsic reward; love assayed is cosmic freedom, for she is expansive: the more she gives of herself, the more she multiplies exponentially...

Perpetrators should not get to define and pinpoint when and where offenses have occurred, then how and when forgiveness bears fruits​.

How boonful it would be
To commit an offense,
Be judge and jury
For your sentence?

Folks, with very little to no coping skills and a self-care regimen for the inevitable storms along the journey, will search for in others a need to sacrifice themselves in order to relive familiar, learned, and dysfunctional relationship patterns.

When one lives life responsibly, forgiving another, especially if one believes in the self-poisonous act of consciously or subconsciously withholding forgiveness, in general, is fairly easy; thus, the rub is in actively creating fertile ground for self-forgiveness to take root and flourish within, especially​ when the external world is constantly sending directly or indirectly messages of revenge or justice to reciprocate any level of perceived offense.

I ruminate, therefore I write.

I write, therefore I flourish.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fallibility & Compassion

Fallibility & Compassion
We are hormonal beings, who, with patience, lots of practice, and self-love, are rational or wise at times; therefore, we should be self-compassionate always, especially when our wisest intentions are not reflected in our choices and actions - - short-term or long-term.

Fear of abandonment may utter words of romantic love - - but never love assayed - - but it is only and purely fear or dysfunction, for love, of any kind, and fear will never meet at any point of our human journey.

Knowing better does not always translate into doing better, and that is why self-compassion is so important; we are fallible creatures, at our most human core.

Helen of Brooklyn has taught me inadvertently, that it takes one to initiate a want or need for a conversation, but two to converse, and not to waste my time at attempting to hold a conversation with another who is not of the same mind and goals.

Knowing and applying are not always mutually inclusive.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Mythical Idea

A Mythical Idea
A lot of so-called "self-help" jargon is finger-pointing or blaming the individual for not reaching an outside goal, which tends to pass for spirituality, or worse, mental health advice.
"You-are-standing-in-your-own-way" kind of hyperbole, which reframes a mythical idea to pass for a novel idea of motivation or self-help.

Spurning a man because of his facial hair is like scorning a woman for she has breasts.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Would You? (continued ... )

Would You?
If I were social anxiety
Would you befriend me
Without ignominy of insanity?

If I were Romeo
Would you be my Juliet
Without cuckolding me with Leo?

If I were a therapist
Would you my patient be
Without being a virulent pessimist?

If​ I were a student of human life
Would you be my cosmic compass
Without any minutial strife?

If I were a mental illness
Would you destigmatize me
With or without a witness?

Lies are the quicksand under which any intimate, but dysfunctional, relationship eventually disappears.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Would You?

Would You?
If I were a millionaire
Would you run your fingers
Through my hair?

If I were a mayflower
Would you keep me within
Your bosom every Winter hour?

If I grew facial hair,
Would you hold me longingly
To canoodle me there?

If​ I were a bird with a fractured claw
Would you tend to me
Like an unwritten law?

If I were at bedtime soft music
Would you not furrow your brow
In performing your antic?

If I were a Strauss' aria
Would you sing me
In the shower with euphoria?

The catharsis, in journaling, lies in being completely honest, and vulnerable with yourself, at least upon reflection with your aloneness, not in keeping data for self-analysis.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Black & White Pawns

Black & White Pawns
While the masses fight over racism, homophobia, gentrification, xenophobia, and the rest of the isms, the morally unannointed politicians move pieces on a chessboard-like to quench our thirst for more privileges​, while solidifying in place various tools of oppression, and glibly promising to remove some of those obstacles to amass more privileges.

What is the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party?
Umh, oh, the pawns are both black and white, the knights, bishops, queens, and kings likewise. Wait a minute: there's absolutely no meaningful difference, whatsoever!
Oh, wait; there's one main superficial difference worth noting: the disenfranchised folks of color are bamboozled, hoodwinked to pledge their unreciprocated love to the Dem's politicians, and the marginalized folks of non-color to the Rep's​ politicians.
Thus, the pieces of the chessboard-like are moved mainly to perpetuate dire fear amongst those who have vastly more in common than with those creating, maintaining, and manipulating the roadblocks to amass more privileges.

Once you've embarked on the journey to mourn a failed intimate relationship as a loss, and you are able to jokingly reflect: I wish that I could claim it as a loss on my yearly income taxes' filing, then there's absolutely no turning back.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tools of Oppression

Tools of Oppression**
The only conditional to forgiveness is self-love, otherwise forgiveness is unconditional, for it's not contingent on any externals.

The morally unannointed politicians are, unfortunately for the rest of us, most astute at using various tools of oppression to widen the gap between the privileged and the disenfranchised or marginalized.

I'm really not interested in the wherefore folks commit suicide, for that is a knowable; what I am interested in is how we can learn from each other to create meaningful​ living through the empirically proven physical and mental self-care in our lives that will prevent us from getting to that point of no return or simply that point of suicide ideation or contemplation of such life-negating deed.

As you begin to educate yourself on how privilege and oppression works hand-in-hand, you realize that some folks are not really blindly homophobic, but insidiously, merely use homophobia as one of the tools of oppression,​ which reinforces linear order of human experiences vis-a-vis levels of privileges.
A homosexual with high privilege or with just enough high privilege-by-proxy will suffer no homophobia at all from one - - a person who will pretend to be, use blindly one of the isms - - who has been well-adjusted to the insidious ways of how oppression works to maintain the status quo of the workings of high privilege.
You will observe how race and racism works as a tool of oppression by realizing that some "Black" folks or others of color have way more privilege than the so-called average, or for that matter any, "White" person that are vilified with having "White" privilege or supremacy.
Case in point: the former U.S. President, Mr. Barack Obama, his immediate family members and his new circle of friends of color have far more privilege than most white-skinned folks, who are demonized as having a certain above-necessary amount of high privilege to be equated with supremacy.
But this is how seductively treacherous and tricky the tools of oppression work together to create a powerful, ever constant undercurrent of division, distrust, and envy at every level of privilege amongst those seeking to amass more privilege or/and those who feel disenfranchised, marginalized by the status quo of external powers.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset
The peril of too much electronic entertainment for kids nowadays is that they don't stand a chance to develop an imagination of their own, but that is exactly what the status quo of high privilege or linear order wants: folks with no chance of developing an​ empowering and moral imagination, which would have thwarted the various tools of oppression.

Women are inculcated, socialized, bamboozled, and dichotomized - - as paralleled two-selves - - to want to get married, and men to not want to get divorced once coupled, by all means, and at times to perilous, if not disastrous, ends.

By the time you've been saying "sorry" for the hundredth​ times for the same exact infraction, the connotation and denotation of the word becomes clearly that of trickery and irresponsibility for one's behavior and consequences.

Be ever mindful of the parasitic scarcity mindset, for it leaves its host's wants and desires to climb up rapidly and vastly, while fulfillment simultaneously to decrease sharply to non-existent.