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Sunday, April 23, 2017

To Name That Tune

To Name That Tune
If you fib about loving music, at the beginning of an intimate relationship, sooner or later you'll have to name that tune.

Exiting out of a dysfunctional relationship is like being reborn, you have to cut the umbilical cord suffocating you as soon as you've garnered the courage to do so , or you risk serious brain damage.

If you're still fighting with your not-so-ex about the kids, house, money, or tied down emotionally and/or financially to her/him, just do not get involved intimately with another just for emotional, financial support, instead, either go to therapy, get a "sponsor", "sponsors, " or to a much positive means and end, just pray for courage, time, and wisdom to navigate away from your troubles on your own, for you will build self-confidence, inner strength, and self-love in the process.
The other you enter into an intimate relationship with is not a trained mental health professional, a financial advisor, an ATM, a lawyer, and should not be misused, hoodwinked into performing those functions primarily for your benefit.

It's not so much that you want to change the other in a dysfunctional relationship with, but that you don't really mind spending time waiting and patiently so, for the other to miraculously change in front of your own eyes, for the dysfunctions remind you of home, of your experiences during your formative years with your primary life role models.

Common denominators with all folks with high privilege-by-proxy are secrets, addictions​, fractured and parallel two-selves.

The longer you stay, past its natural final curtain call, in an intimate relationship, the less respect you, both, will have left for each other, for, by then, the dysfunctional aspects will be so obviously burdensome, and all the fibs, on both sides, would have lost all of their North Wind inspiration.

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