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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Teacher Will Appear

The Teacher Will Appear
If you find yourself unhappy with your lonesome self or you simply want to split the bills -- well in that case, just get roommate(s) or a sponsor or a few, and if a sponsor ever wants to change the platonic/financial dynamics to an intimate one, just dismiss her/him promptly -- chances are very likely that if you get into an intimate relationship with another to find ​happiness, you will surely not find any joy and happiness, and then you will attempt your best, consciously or not, to make the other as unhappy as you are.

But much like the day follows the night, the ying and yang, or the two sides of a coin, the other is definitely a ready-made, preordained by the cosmos, reflection of who you are, and vice versa.

It takes two to make a dysfunctional relationship; whether the learner is ready or not to take cosmic responsibility for his/her journey, the teacher will appear.

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