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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits
There's a hidden reward to be unearthed, collected, and enjoyed after the final curtain call of an intimate, but dysfunctional relationship, in which the other had not made herself/himself available emotionally, financially, or with her/his time throughout: one doesn't have to miss any of the aforementioned, but only deleterious fringe benefits of social capital, which one's social self will miss unfortunately, but that is easy to overcome and leave behind.

Goddess has given one one face, if in fearing to be vulnerable, one creates​ another, it is then one's own cross to bear, on top of all the other human frailties.

Some emotional or communal pain must be hung out to dry, or the whole heart or community will inevitably begin to stench, then decompose to its core.  The hanging out to dry is needed to expose the pain to sunlight, where healing can begin to take place.

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