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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Curtain Call

Curtain Call
Knowing how to forgive (forgiveness is a skill) is a definite, non-negotiable prerequisite for self-love.

A sure and humongous red flag is when you propose to just stay or be friends with the other, in an intimate relationship, and she/he declines.
It's a glaring sign that, all along, you have had nothing good in common or very little, but mostly dysfunctional qualities.
It also means that there had never been any real attempt by the other at cultivating true love, not romantic but love assayed by and rooted in maturity, honesty, reciprocity, empathy, vulnerability, and life experiences, for that love is soul's discernment and cosmic freedom.

Whether or not one should stay or leave an intimate relationship should be and is definitely a mathematical proposition.

A sure red flag in an intimate relationship is when the other is unable to emotionally support you in your personal and professional endeavors, for it translates into you're not growing into, with, and out of each other -- literally and figuratively.

There comes a time in an intimate, but dysfunctional relationship, for the final curtain call, at which point if you do not take a gracious bow and make your prompt exit, you will have a quasi-Sysiphean task, later on, to repair damages incurred, for it will be more than just a refraction of your soul's reflection, but an abject dissociation from your soul's reflection, to say the least.

The for-better-or-worse relationship's construct is antithetical to soul's discernment, cosmic freedom/randomness, or love.

Oh, the awe-inspiring things man can create, but he can't build any sustainable bridge to lasting peace.

If one party is unhappy with the arrangements of an intimate relationship and makes a gracious exit, it is then an affront to civility, human decency, good sense bestowed upon by maturity, life experiences, and rationale to bemoan, decry "who left who" or "did not want who," for it takes two to make a functional or dysfunctional relationship.

People can't help but show you truthfully who they​ are, but you might choose to not believe them, and instead believe that you can change them, or they will change themselves to accommodate, reciprocate your undying love (sarcasm intended) for them, in order​ to tangle up your codependency's strings​ with their available ones, as Dionysus enthralled lovers are wont to do, mostly out of a vain attempt to amass social capital.

If I have to walk boldly, hop on one leg, or crawl to my death, in my aloneness, so let it be so, instead of being in an unfulfilled intimate relationship.

Since the voice of my loving, late mother has long been faint, now I often hear the voices of my therapists, guiding me through uncharted territory.

If everything is a social construct, then I could choose to not believe in "White" supremacy, and thus elect to live my life with the fact that we are all more than capable of oppressing one another.

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