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Sunday, April 23, 2017

But A Diamond In Formation

But A Diamond In Formation
After a failed intimate, but dysfunctional, relationship, it is surely a waste of energy to focus on what the other did not do or what emotional bids the other did not fulfill, but one should place firmly one's energy on analyzing and understanding​ the role one played within the dysfunctional dynamics of the failed relationship.

But in doing so, be most careful not to blame yourself, but to only, truly take cosmic responsibility for your part as the other half of the Tango dance duo, and only then will you be able to learn from your shortcomings, and hopefully end the cycle of choosing the "wrong" partner - - quotation marks around, for there's no such thing as that, for the other is only a true reflection of who you are with your dysfunctions, at that specific stage of life; you're definitely not "wrong" in any way either, but a diamond in formation.

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