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Saturday, April 8, 2017

"Black" Supremacy?

"Black" Supremacy?
If you do not learn to love yourself unconditionally, you will always fall prey to those who love you conditionally.

Oppression is being miseducated, diseducated, bamboozled, and hoodwinked into believing, and exercising that insidious man-made construct, that one human being, because of his/her privilege or station in life, has agency over any other human being.

What do we call it, when it is done by "Black" folks to each other and to other "race"? Is it "Black" supremacy? Or are only "White" folks afraid of cosmic randomness or freedom? Are only "White" folks succeptible to "implicit bias?"

We fall prey to that linear order simply because of our enormous​ fear of cosmic randomness or freedom.

If I could rule the world,
I would not;
I would set all free.

I would free all
From the chains
Of linear order.

I would free all
From the fear
Of cosmic freedom.

All would have
Agency over their lives
Like winged spirits.

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