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Saturday, March 25, 2017

His Soul's Reflection

His Soul's Reflection

He was her granite
When she needed anchor,
She, his quicksand;
He was her candlelight
When the sun set,
She, his squall;
He was her North Star
When she needed direction,
She, his broken compass;
He was her aortic valve clear
When she felt burdened,
She, his atherosclerosis;
He was her HDL
When her health failed,
She, his LDL.

And then...
His Helen of Brooklyn
Began to gaslight him.
Thus, his soul decreed:
"After decades of toiling,
A self I have forged.
Let no one defract
My soul's reflection."

Thus, he learned:
His positive esteem of self is
His soul's reflection.

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