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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Lured to the Hook

Lured to the Hook

A privilege is a carte blanche to not have to obey a specific social rule, law and/or tradition, as constructed by a system of oppression or a system of re-order.
A privilege bastardizes the natural randomness of human existence and our free will to be authentically, to a status quo or linear order.

The privileged (and that is ALL OF US) is the fish, lured to the hook, he eats - - his last meal, of course - - but feeds the fisherman or system of oppression with his very gift of life, for having been allowing himself to be bamboozled to believe the universe is too vast, unruly, and scary, and can be bridled, thus tamed, and served on a silver platter of human-made re-order, out of his existential angst or fear of cosmic freedom or order.

Thus, generation of fish after generation is lured, again and again, to the fisherman's hook for fear of comic freedom!
Goddess bless, reader!

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