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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Holding a Mirror of Discernment

Holding a Mirror of Discernment
At this stage of our human devolution, all forms of "racism" are internalized, whether it comes from those with high privilege or those with low.

But there is that subtle, more insidious kind which carries with it a moral superiority borne out a form of Stockholm Syndrome or survival instinct of a "captive," and that feeds off, empowers the very thing it hates and fears.

Tony Morrison refers to it as the "defensive racism" that her father practiced and the "moral superiority" she felt she possessed, and still does, when she was banned of companionship with other folks.

How could one squarely place the onus on the "other" to disempower, dismantle "racism," when we all oppress each other inter-racially and intra-racially, and when we all have internalized "racism" in all of its insidious forms, both subtle and unconscious, referred to by scientists and sociologists as "implicit bias," and the consciously chosen, but really inherited like an anti-life gene, to practice as a way of being in our human world. Furthermore, how does one expect the "other," who benefits vastly from high privilege to surrender it without us all holding a mirror of empathy, compassion, love, and discernment for our mutual human tragedy.

Watch the apropos video clip of Toni Morrison on Charlie Rose @:

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