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Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Reflection

My reflection  on an article entitled, " Why Straight Men Kill The Trans Women They Love " by Jen Richards:
It is a most vulnerable piece of writing on the topic of transphobia, which, for me, is inextricably linked to misogyny, and homophobia, especially - - all tools of oppression used to reinforce the status quo of high privilege or external power.

We must not conflate sex with love, though; I would wager that all the men who killed trans women had internalized misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia; they might have had sex with the trans women who performed womanhood in their eyes well enough, but it is fairly safe to believe, that they did not love them.

The men who have killed trans women must be held responsible for their internalized transphobia/misogyny/homophobia, and society at large for its indoctrination of such isms.

Love and sex, like day and night, shall never meet at any point of our human journey to justify murder.

The fear of being called "gay" is internalized homophobia, misogyny, and transphobia, I believe.

Goddess bless!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Opus & Self-oppression

Opus & Self-oppression
If she doesn't love opera, she is not an opus.

The other has no bearing on what my forgiveness' fruits look, shape, and/or taste like, and definitely not when they ripen naturally on the tree.

If she doesn't listen to music at bedtime, she is not a classic.

If your snoring doesn't sound like bel canto of nymphs to him, he is not your Romeo.

Manhood, as it has been constructed over the centuries, is self-oppression, so it's no wonder why men seek to then oppress each other and women, as the other, to mirror their own oppression.

I believe that we, as sentient beings, engage in gossiping for two very different, distinct reasons: a fun way to learn about and most importantly to recognize the darkness in us all as inherently human; the other is to distance ourselves from and deny our own darkness, in a vain attempt to feel superior or in control of it all, but mainly for we have not the necessary tools to navigate such and most darkly human territory at its core.

He has been a dumb one
Who thought he was a Don Juan.

Some perpetrators will apologize to you, but in the same breath retract the apology; I guess unbeknownst to them, for what is the point, then. Well, maybe, most likely manipulations of some kind.

Oh, how the darkness seeks to extinguish the light, when one does not embrace ​both, in order to allow them to coexist in nonduality.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Offense & Sentence

Offense & Sentence
Love assayed needs not justify herself; love assayed is always reciprocated, for she is her own, intrinsic reward; love assayed is cosmic freedom, for she is expansive: the more she gives of herself, the more she multiplies exponentially...

Perpetrators should not get to define and pinpoint when and where offenses have occurred, then how and when forgiveness bears fruits​.

How boonful it would be
To commit an offense,
Be judge and jury
For your sentence?

Folks, with very little to no coping skills and a self-care regimen for the inevitable storms along the journey, will search for in others a need to sacrifice themselves in order to relive familiar, learned, and dysfunctional relationship patterns.

When one lives life responsibly, forgiving another, especially if one believes in the self-poisonous act of consciously or subconsciously withholding forgiveness, in general, is fairly easy; thus, the rub is in actively creating fertile ground for self-forgiveness to take root and flourish within, especially​ when the external world is constantly sending directly or indirectly messages of revenge or justice to reciprocate any level of perceived offense.

I ruminate, therefore I write.

I write, therefore I flourish.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fallibility & Compassion

Fallibility & Compassion
We are hormonal beings, who, with patience, lots of practice, and self-love, are rational or wise at times; therefore, we should be self-compassionate always, especially when our wisest intentions are not reflected in our choices and actions - - short-term or long-term.

Fear of abandonment may utter words of romantic love - - but never love assayed - - but it is only and purely fear or dysfunction, for love, of any kind, and fear will never meet at any point of our human journey.

Knowing better does not always translate into doing better, and that is why self-compassion is so important; we are fallible creatures, at our most human core.

Helen of Brooklyn has taught me inadvertently, that it takes one to initiate a want or need for a conversation, but two to converse, and not to waste my time at attempting to hold a conversation with another who is not of the same mind and goals.

Knowing and applying are not always mutually inclusive.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Mythical Idea

A Mythical Idea
A lot of so-called "self-help" jargon is finger-pointing or blaming the individual for not reaching an outside goal, which tends to pass for spirituality, or worse, mental health advice.
"You-are-standing-in-your-own-way" kind of hyperbole, which reframes a mythical idea to pass for a novel idea of motivation or self-help.

Spurning a man because of his facial hair is like scorning a woman for she has breasts.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Would You? (continued ... )

Would You?
If I were social anxiety
Would you befriend me
Without ignominy of insanity?

If I were Romeo
Would you be my Juliet
Without cuckolding me with Leo?

If I were a therapist
Would you my patient be
Without being a virulent pessimist?

If​ I were a student of human life
Would you be my cosmic compass
Without any minutial strife?

If I were a mental illness
Would you destigmatize me
With or without a witness?

Lies are the quicksand under which any intimate, but dysfunctional, relationship eventually disappears.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Would You?

Would You?
If I were a millionaire
Would you run your fingers
Through my hair?

If I were a mayflower
Would you keep me within
Your bosom every Winter hour?

If I grew facial hair,
Would you hold me longingly
To canoodle me there?

If​ I were a bird with a fractured claw
Would you tend to me
Like an unwritten law?

If I were at bedtime soft music
Would you not furrow your brow
In performing your antic?

If I were a Strauss' aria
Would you sing me
In the shower with euphoria?

The catharsis, in journaling, lies in being completely honest, and vulnerable with yourself, at least upon reflection with your aloneness, not in keeping data for self-analysis.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Black & White Pawns

Black & White Pawns
While the masses fight over racism, homophobia, gentrification, xenophobia, and the rest of the isms, the morally unannointed politicians move pieces on a chessboard-like to quench our thirst for more privileges​, while solidifying in place various tools of oppression, and glibly promising to remove some of those obstacles to amass more privileges.

What is the difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party?
Umh, oh, the pawns are both black and white, the knights, bishops, queens, and kings likewise. Wait a minute: there's absolutely no meaningful difference, whatsoever!
Oh, wait; there's one main superficial difference worth noting: the disenfranchised folks of color are bamboozled, hoodwinked to pledge their unreciprocated love to the Dem's politicians, and the marginalized folks of non-color to the Rep's​ politicians.
Thus, the pieces of the chessboard-like are moved mainly to perpetuate dire fear amongst those who have vastly more in common than with those creating, maintaining, and manipulating the roadblocks to amass more privileges.

Once you've embarked on the journey to mourn a failed intimate relationship as a loss, and you are able to jokingly reflect: I wish that I could claim it as a loss on my yearly income taxes' filing, then there's absolutely no turning back.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tools of Oppression

Tools of Oppression**
The only conditional to forgiveness is self-love, otherwise forgiveness is unconditional, for it's not contingent on any externals.

The morally unannointed politicians are, unfortunately for the rest of us, most astute at using various tools of oppression to widen the gap between the privileged and the disenfranchised or marginalized.

I'm really not interested in the wherefore folks commit suicide, for that is a knowable; what I am interested in is how we can learn from each other to create meaningful​ living through the empirically proven physical and mental self-care in our lives that will prevent us from getting to that point of no return or simply that point of suicide ideation or contemplation of such life-negating deed.

As you begin to educate yourself on how privilege and oppression works hand-in-hand, you realize that some folks are not really blindly homophobic, but insidiously, merely use homophobia as one of the tools of oppression,​ which reinforces linear order of human experiences vis-a-vis levels of privileges.
A homosexual with high privilege or with just enough high privilege-by-proxy will suffer no homophobia at all from one - - a person who will pretend to be, use blindly one of the isms - - who has been well-adjusted to the insidious ways of how oppression works to maintain the status quo of the workings of high privilege.
You will observe how race and racism works as a tool of oppression by realizing that some "Black" folks or others of color have way more privilege than the so-called average, or for that matter any, "White" person that are vilified with having "White" privilege or supremacy.
Case in point: the former U.S. President, Mr. Barack Obama, his immediate family members and his new circle of friends of color have far more privilege than most white-skinned folks, who are demonized as having a certain above-necessary amount of high privilege to be equated with supremacy.
But this is how seductively treacherous and tricky the tools of oppression work together to create a powerful, ever constant undercurrent of division, distrust, and envy at every level of privilege amongst those seeking to amass more privilege or/and those who feel disenfranchised, marginalized by the status quo of external powers.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset

Parasitic Scarcity Mindset
The peril of too much electronic entertainment for kids nowadays is that they don't stand a chance to develop an imagination of their own, but that is exactly what the status quo of high privilege or linear order wants: folks with no chance of developing an​ empowering and moral imagination, which would have thwarted the various tools of oppression.

Women are inculcated, socialized, bamboozled, and dichotomized - - as paralleled two-selves - - to want to get married, and men to not want to get divorced once coupled, by all means, and at times to perilous, if not disastrous, ends.

By the time you've been saying "sorry" for the hundredth​ times for the same exact infraction, the connotation and denotation of the word becomes clearly that of trickery and irresponsibility for one's behavior and consequences.

Be ever mindful of the parasitic scarcity mindset, for it leaves its host's wants and desires to climb up rapidly and vastly, while fulfillment simultaneously to decrease sharply to non-existent.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

To Enchant Another

😍To Enchant Another
With the same bodkin
That you pierced💘
My heart with,
You shall till the earth
To plant the seeds
Of my broken heart💔
For the fruits
Of my love
To enchant another.💓

Collective Ego Expression

Collective Ego Expression
The worst kind of secret to keep is the one about yourself, and that's what internalized stigma or shame, and stereotype is.

When you have had as many therapy sessions as I have been blessed with, with some of the best therapists humankind has to offer, you, if not reflexively, realize when someone has not your best interests at heart and mind, but their own fear of suffering, scarcity, and death, upon reflection always, in order words, their own agenda with a linear order of human experiences, and subsequently their attempt at bamboozling you with following their ill advises blindly.

Two types of untruth-tellers: one who is most glib at talking and lying, and does so for it is thought of as a gift more than curse, and the other who is not so glib at speaking and lying, but does so in fearing the misperceived limits of truth in manipulating folks to the unlimited parameters of untruths, with imagination as guide to the most uncharted territory.

We always know more than we know, in an intimate relationship, but at times, we find ourselves in denial, in a vain attempt to amass social capital, or simply to submit to our sometimes insidious, primordial and hormonal drive for mating/connection.

You are always an accomplice to another lying to and mistreating you.

The worst partner you can have for an intimate relationship is one who doesn't know herself/himself, and is not even consciously attempting to know himself/herself. "Oh, this is how I am!" you will hear said often, while totally negating your observing and relating cogently to him/her that it is a deal-breaker.

Be most careful not to conflate supporting with helping the other involved in an intimate relationship with; supporting someone is being there to root for her/him at something that person is willing, ready, and able to do on his/her own, while to help someone is to be involved in pushing, doing part - - no matter the percentage, it's ultimately a sacrifice, instead of a commitment - - of the hard work for him needed to accomplish certain life goals, which is why it is so important to wait for the initial attachment hormones' pull, released inevitably in the human body, to have subsided a great deal, thus leaving one more rational to observe the other's life skills, goals and related drive.

Some recite the patriarchal, principally women-subjugating "till-death-do-us-part" marriage vows, and still not be committed to the relationship on any honest, empathetic, and vulnerable level. We do so in the name of tradition, social capital, and linear order or how the ego expresses itself collectively.

A narcissist stands a better chance of having an empathetic conversation with himself than with anyone else.

I could tell you a hundred and one reasons why I know, believe, and will act accordingly henceforth, that you don't have my best interests at heart and mind, but you would only attempt to countermand my forthrightness by mythologizing every single of my reasons to distance myself from your humongous ego.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Teacher Will Appear

The Teacher Will Appear
If you find yourself unhappy with your lonesome self or you simply want to split the bills -- well in that case, just get roommate(s) or a sponsor or a few, and if a sponsor ever wants to change the platonic/financial dynamics to an intimate one, just dismiss her/him promptly -- chances are very likely that if you get into an intimate relationship with another to find ​happiness, you will surely not find any joy and happiness, and then you will attempt your best, consciously or not, to make the other as unhappy as you are.

But much like the day follows the night, the ying and yang, or the two sides of a coin, the other is definitely a ready-made, preordained by the cosmos, reflection of who you are, and vice versa.

It takes two to make a dysfunctional relationship; whether the learner is ready or not to take cosmic responsibility for his/her journey, the teacher will appear.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits
There's a hidden reward to be unearthed, collected, and enjoyed after the final curtain call of an intimate, but dysfunctional relationship, in which the other had not made herself/himself available emotionally, financially, or with her/his time throughout: one doesn't have to miss any of the aforementioned, but only deleterious fringe benefits of social capital, which one's social self will miss unfortunately, but that is easy to overcome and leave behind.

Goddess has given one one face, if in fearing to be vulnerable, one creates​ another, it is then one's own cross to bear, on top of all the other human frailties.

Some emotional or communal pain must be hung out to dry, or the whole heart or community will inevitably begin to stench, then decompose to its core.  The hanging out to dry is needed to expose the pain to sunlight, where healing can begin to take place.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

But A Diamond In Formation

But A Diamond In Formation
After a failed intimate, but dysfunctional, relationship, it is surely a waste of energy to focus on what the other did not do or what emotional bids the other did not fulfill, but one should place firmly one's energy on analyzing and understanding​ the role one played within the dysfunctional dynamics of the failed relationship.

But in doing so, be most careful not to blame yourself, but to only, truly take cosmic responsibility for your part as the other half of the Tango dance duo, and only then will you be able to learn from your shortcomings, and hopefully end the cycle of choosing the "wrong" partner - - quotation marks around, for there's no such thing as that, for the other is only a true reflection of who you are with your dysfunctions, at that specific stage of life; you're definitely not "wrong" in any way either, but a diamond in formation.

To Name That Tune

To Name That Tune
If you fib about loving music, at the beginning of an intimate relationship, sooner or later you'll have to name that tune.

Exiting out of a dysfunctional relationship is like being reborn, you have to cut the umbilical cord suffocating you as soon as you've garnered the courage to do so , or you risk serious brain damage.

If you're still fighting with your not-so-ex about the kids, house, money, or tied down emotionally and/or financially to her/him, just do not get involved intimately with another just for emotional, financial support, instead, either go to therapy, get a "sponsor", "sponsors, " or to a much positive means and end, just pray for courage, time, and wisdom to navigate away from your troubles on your own, for you will build self-confidence, inner strength, and self-love in the process.
The other you enter into an intimate relationship with is not a trained mental health professional, a financial advisor, an ATM, a lawyer, and should not be misused, hoodwinked into performing those functions primarily for your benefit.

It's not so much that you want to change the other in a dysfunctional relationship with, but that you don't really mind spending time waiting and patiently so, for the other to miraculously change in front of your own eyes, for the dysfunctions remind you of home, of your experiences during your formative years with your primary life role models.

Common denominators with all folks with high privilege-by-proxy are secrets, addictions​, fractured and parallel two-selves.

The longer you stay, past its natural final curtain call, in an intimate relationship, the less respect you, both, will have left for each other, for, by then, the dysfunctional aspects will be so obviously burdensome, and all the fibs, on both sides, would have lost all of their North Wind inspiration.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Privilege is relative, NOT absolute; therefore, the privileged has to make sure that their privileges are NOT at all diluted by the masses, and so various tools of oppression must be used as roadblocks to prevent others from obtaining the same kinds, amount of privileges that they have inherited, earned in some rare cases, or bestowed upon.

High privilege is mostly passed on from members of a tribe to their heirs; it is rarely earned or bestowed upon by upper echelon of a society.

And yes, at times you will have flukes or folks who had not been bestowed high privileges upon at birth by their specific tribal affiliates, but have somehow infiltrated through the cracks in that wall that keeps the masses of all "races," creed, and human capabilities marginalized at birth and for the rest of their lives.
And these flukes, then, must and will serve well their new tribal members and reflexively so, by helping to perpetuate the myth that everyone could be like them, if only one were to work hard enough. Thus, some will in fact work themselves to a slow, painful, and premature death by working themselves not unlike slaves, fearing the lashes and the gods/goddesses incarnate, who they've been bamboozled, hoodwinked into believing are the natural heirs to all of our planet's resources.

And then, further down Dante's Inferno, there are those with high privilege-by-proxy.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Commitment & Sacrifice

Commitment & Sacrifice
There is never a "perfect" time to exit gracefully out of an intimate relationship, for always at such a time, or the natural final curtain call​, one is never quite ready emotionally, but there is the "right" time, and that is anytime after one has realized that the relationship is not worth committing to anymore, for usually, after the natural final curtain call, one needs to garner the emotional courage, and for a lot of women financial readiness comes into play, to leave the relationship.

On deal-breakers: if one of your deal-breakers is cheating, and you have any reason to believe ​that the other has or might have chosen to do so, the "right" time is any time you choose, even if he/she has just been given a few months to live, and you don't even have to visit at the hospital or go to the funeral; your social self might want to, but your authentic self is prescient in those matters.

Commitment is not sacrifice, so don't ever conflate the two, or the other might find it too convenient to enjoy watching you sacrifice your poor self at the altar of dysfunctional relationship.

Loyalty, much like love assayed, is only viable when BOTH have taken consciously the pledge, and go on behaving in ways to reflect so.

You cannot love the brokenness out of the other, for she/he is the only​ one who can do so internally.

When folks take the till-death-do-us-part- - constructed by patriarchy, aided and put to insidious use by some religions​ to further subjugate women, in general- - vow literally, then they might also start to feel, believe, and act to reflect that it applies only to the other, and if they should choose so applied to them only at times of convenience or trickery; the other has to be loyal, committed, loving, trustworthy, in other words, a sacrificial lamb.

When you truly love yourself, then you are loved by the most important person in life.

When you have been truly loving yourself all along your life journey, then you have been loved by the most important person in life.

Most times one will never be lucky enough - - or most unlucky, depending on how one handles it - - to witness with one's own eyes the other making the beast with two backs with another; therefore, if one has an intuition of that possibility, trust that gut-feeling.

Here's a rhetorical one: why is it always the one, who was NOT putting her/his 110% into an intimate relationship, to be most upset - - and offering the "I'll try harder this time" trickery, and for the twentieth times - - when the relationship has ended finally, and way after its natural final curtain call, when you had made it clear, time and time again, to the other about your feelings of unfulfillment and the dysfunctional aspects that needed to be addressed with or/and without​ professional help?

When in an intimate relationship with another who does not communicate about its shortcomings - - all relationships have them - - and future common goals, then you don't know what the other is capable of or not; you will feel like you never had the chance to get to know the other at all, at least not intimately.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Sisyphean Journey (Puzzles Our Will)

A Sisyphean Journey
( Puzzles Our Will )
On why we, human beings, and most likely the only sentient beings, fear death, I posit the following:

We do not know how to sit with our selves and do nothing, for from the point of coming into this human world, we are socialized, nurtured, and then expected to be doing, over-doing, and out-doing each other.

So, when the possibility of death enters in life, or when we begin to understand that all living things must die, not as some distant future happening, but every nanosecond of life, we are dying and living simultaneous at the cellular level, we start to form our unhealthy disassociation from our very natural, innate nature of human life, in a vain attempt to minimize our cosmic fear of death.

A Sysiphean journey it proves to be for us to minimize our fear of death, for the only viable possibility is to accept it, thus learn to die, all along the journey of living, gracefully before the final curtain, much like an actress learns to accept, embrace her character's every facets of being, in order to deliver a true, three-dimensional portrayal.

Another psychological wall we hide behind is what Shakespeare refers to as, "The undiscovered country from whose bourn//No traveler returns... ;" the fact we have been bamboozled, hoodwinked into rejecting cosmic randomness and mystery in general, we form as a result an adverse relationship to anything we cannot​ manipulate into submitting to our perverse linear order of doing and thinking.

We don't know what happens really after death, although some well-meaning religions have given us some comforting possibilities; nevertheless, the fear and denial of death itself has persisted, and has sent us to seek refuge in the dark corners of legacy, which then manifests itself as an insidious Cesar's complex, in which we want to live beyond our own death through our earthly accomplishments, regardless of how many we have to trample on in our emperor-like or god-incarnate, but more like Hades incarnate, pursuit of those accomplishments.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Dear Helen of Brooklyn

Dear Helen of Brooklyn,

I have looked deep inside of me to not feel cross at myself or a little bit guilty for writing about my emotional pain from our intimate relationship, and finally I come to realize thus:

Again, I only write about my emotional pain, or at least have exposed publicly only the facets of our relationship that I needed to reflect on, gain insights into, and finally make peace with, thus healing my emotional pain.

As evidenced in my writings, I have never, nor will I ever write about any personal and private conversations we have had about your family, friends, and co-workers; the only experiences you had shared with me, which I had told, in confidence, the two folks who had introduced us, I wish I had not done so, for the experience was not mine to share with anyone.  I learned from that error, and ask for your forgiveness.

I want to thank you for revealing to me parts of myself that I'd wished could have stayed buried, but now that they have been exhumed, I can learn to accept them as parts of my whole, thus hopefully in time transcend those parts that need to be, and certainly learn from those that have unconsciously been at my emotional driver's seat.

Goddess by you, family, and in good stead!

Social Meets Authentic Self ("To thine own self be true")

Social Meets Authentic Self
( "To thine own self be true" )
The alignment of your social self with your authentic self is your soul's reflection.

If you don't know yourself well enough, you really shouldn't enter into an intimate relationship with another, but should only take time to get to know yourself, or rebuild yourself anew after a failed romantic relationship.

If you find yourself praying to be in an intimate relationship with another, maybe, instead you should just pray for patience, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-forgiveness; in other words, learn first to be your own bestie; thus, focusing​ on learning and applying all the life skills required to do so functionally.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Precarious Proposition

Precarious Proposition
Giving folks advice is quite a precarious proposition, for if someone is only able and ready to crawl at their specific life stage, and you advice that they should be walking, you risk inflicting even more suffering upon them, and this is exactly why good therapists do not often give advice -- and when they do, will surely raise a red flag that says advice on it, and will not push the patient, if not truly ready for whatever reason(s)-- but will prod, guide you to find your own answers, which you will eventually, then, be able to tackle when ready emotionally and skill-wise.
Giving another advice that they don't quite have the life skills, courage to take on will eventually chip away more at the edges of their self-esteem.

Sacrifice, Oppression, and Narcissism

Sacrifice, Oppression, and Narcissism
The till-death-do-us-part vow is not a statement of commitment, but of sacrifice and oppression, for it gives abject agency to society's​ rules and tradition over the individual's cosmic freedom.
You don't have to understand why the other wants​ to exit out of an intimate relationship; therefore, the what-did-I-do-to-you is springes to catch woodcocks! Furthermore, it points clearly to your not understanding your very own self, or that you're a true narcissist; thus, how could you ever have understood the other, especially the other's emotional bids.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Curtain Call

Curtain Call
Knowing how to forgive (forgiveness is a skill) is a definite, non-negotiable prerequisite for self-love.

A sure and humongous red flag is when you propose to just stay or be friends with the other, in an intimate relationship, and she/he declines.
It's a glaring sign that, all along, you have had nothing good in common or very little, but mostly dysfunctional qualities.
It also means that there had never been any real attempt by the other at cultivating true love, not romantic but love assayed by and rooted in maturity, honesty, reciprocity, empathy, vulnerability, and life experiences, for that love is soul's discernment and cosmic freedom.

Whether or not one should stay or leave an intimate relationship should be and is definitely a mathematical proposition.

A sure red flag in an intimate relationship is when the other is unable to emotionally support you in your personal and professional endeavors, for it translates into you're not growing into, with, and out of each other -- literally and figuratively.

There comes a time in an intimate, but dysfunctional relationship, for the final curtain call, at which point if you do not take a gracious bow and make your prompt exit, you will have a quasi-Sysiphean task, later on, to repair damages incurred, for it will be more than just a refraction of your soul's reflection, but an abject dissociation from your soul's reflection, to say the least.

The for-better-or-worse relationship's construct is antithetical to soul's discernment, cosmic freedom/randomness, or love.

Oh, the awe-inspiring things man can create, but he can't build any sustainable bridge to lasting peace.

If one party is unhappy with the arrangements of an intimate relationship and makes a gracious exit, it is then an affront to civility, human decency, good sense bestowed upon by maturity, life experiences, and rationale to bemoan, decry "who left who" or "did not want who," for it takes two to make a functional or dysfunctional relationship.

People can't help but show you truthfully who they​ are, but you might choose to not believe them, and instead believe that you can change them, or they will change themselves to accommodate, reciprocate your undying love (sarcasm intended) for them, in order​ to tangle up your codependency's strings​ with their available ones, as Dionysus enthralled lovers are wont to do, mostly out of a vain attempt to amass social capital.

If I have to walk boldly, hop on one leg, or crawl to my death, in my aloneness, so let it be so, instead of being in an unfulfilled intimate relationship.

Since the voice of my loving, late mother has long been faint, now I often hear the voices of my therapists, guiding me through uncharted territory.

If everything is a social construct, then I could choose to not believe in "White" supremacy, and thus elect to live my life with the fact that we are all more than capable of oppressing one another.