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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

To empower the disenfranchised or marginalized by centering their lived experiences with oppression does not, in any way, take away from the humanity of the privileged subgroup, but since a privilege is not absolute, but most relative, it does reduce its value, effect, or more to the point, defect.

A privilege is indeed a defect, for it places on one it is bestowed the illusion of freedom, but only to behave within a preordained way, and there is the rub, which makes the privileged as oppressed in their narrow way of experiencing life or humanity, as the privileged creates an external, linear order of experiences, which is most retrograde to any truth or freedom to exist as one innately experiences, understands the nobility, connectedness of our humanity.

Also, as we have all been bamboozled to experience value, for example, if too many folks have $200 of discretionary income, we then believe that such an amount is not longer as valuable; therefore, we must acquire more money, as we, then, invariably put roadblocks for others to have same.

Essentially, that is what happened a few years ago, when the real estate market collapsed, for too many ill-advised, -acquired mortgages had diluted the value of such a privilege; therefore, the pugnacious, alpha roosters came home to reinforce, restore linear order.

Goddess bless, reader!