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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Apropos Dennis Hastert, former House Speaker, who admitted in court to having molested several boys:

For me though, THIS IS MORE than just about "Republican hypocrisy," or "White" and/or "Christian" males hypocrisy, for it behooves one NOT TO FORGET how many non-white males who are LGBTQIA+-phobic, but are child molesters and/or rapists;  IT IS ABOUT what patriarchy or any external power structure - - tainted religion or religion dominated or controlled by the morally unanointed leaders comes to mind, here  as example - - does to the individual, the human being with frailties or weaknesses, who, having been given one face by Goddess, takes on another to inherit, achieve, and maintain EXTERNAL powers, as a servant of its systemic oppression, whose every breath serves to extinguish every candle he comes in contact with, for oppression must and can only live, thrive, and survive in human darkness, where the seeds of division or otherness are nurtured in men-made, superficial-light bulbs, which, then, bear the violent fruits of hate and all its kins. 

LGBTQIA+-phobia is just another tool that serves the external, or men-made, literally made by men, power structure's systemic oppression most insidiously well!

As Audre Lorde, writer-goddess, cogently warns us, all, "For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change." 

Goddess bless, us, all !

Saturday, April 9, 2016

To Gossip or NOT to Gossip

To Gossip or NOT to Gossip

The hypocrites have given Gossip a serious black eye!  Have you seen her wearing those big dark sunglasses, lately, and even indoors?  If you continue to perceive her with the darkened eye under sunglasses, may I suggest that you, yourself, adjust or change completely your own lenses.

I posit, dear reader, that gossip is merely second-, third-hand information, or more appropriately, accurately termed here, data,--and data are always neutral in kind, neither good or bad--and depending on the form she takes, gossip is merely the human mind, brain trying to ascertain herself, to make sense of her world, in the process, trying to figure out what is socially acceptable, or simply morally acceptable within a given social context.  Although, I must quickly add, here, that the intention, impact derived from a specific gossip, is never neutral, but may be amoral, negative, simply inappropriate, or positive in many cases--one is, should, and is able to assign meaning to one's experiences, of any kind, as originally perceived, felt, lived!

Then, I ask myself, wherefore and how did Gossip acquire such bad connotations, denotations, and reputation?

Any given power structure's main focus is to create reality, principally external, which may be internalized quickly, and unbeknown to the individual.  Thus, when one engages in manipulating information, data, one is in many ways attempting to supersede or overthrow Cesar, as God in the flesh on Earth--one is essentially saying loudly, "The Emperor has no clothes!"  This may explain how Gossip has gotten such bad denotations, for the ones, who have not come into full alignment with their true, larger Selves, fear that the other may create a reality, false or otherwise, which may supersede or overthrow the one that they mainly want, need to present to the outside world at large.

At this point, here, it is clear to me, at least, where and how Gossip has gotten the bad connotations, borne out the internalized status quo of a preferred power structure--to which the individual has given his unquestioned allegiance to in a vain attempt to feel safe in a world, that he has learned is not, should, and could--where Cesar, as Emperor-God, is the sole creator, manipulator, conferrer of reality on Earth, and so when Gossip attempts to...well you follow.

Goddess bless, dear reader!

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.7)

Mondo's Aphorisms (p. 7)

Human life's main curriculum is centered around agape; the opposite is an ephemeral rabbit hole.

Sometimes love dresses up as the protagonist of a horror movie, and she may scare off the hypocrite, unwise, the uneducated-at-heart.

Clever is the person who manipulates information for his own material end; wise is the one who uses information for the collective enlightenment of our noble humanity.

The ugly endeavor of the morally un-annointed politics is to make one even more entrenched in one's allegiance--both consciously and unconsciously--to one's in-group.

One's need, want to belong to an in-group should never exceed one's moral need to be more life-affirming or just one's authentic, larger Self.

I am the other, and the other is me, for there is NO other.

Intimate relationship gets either deep and deeper, or shallow and more superficial.

Every event in one's life is well worth the journey, once that no longer holds true, even for one insidious nanosecond of life-negating external/internal forces, suicide ideation and/or its kin, depression/despair may creep in.

Beware of the unholy trinity:  fear of death, scarcity, and suffering.

We want our "friends" to conspire with us in creating and sustaining our false self, reality.

We call another a loyal, good "friend," when he conspires with us in sustaining our ill-created, false self or reality.

A Goddess/God, who resides in the heavens, or for that matter, a deity incarnate among us, will NOT save Humanity from Her frailties; only the Goddess/God within the One inside each of us will save Her, if we choose to worship only at Her altar.