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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rights are Within

Rights are Within
One must not conflate "rights" with privileges; rights are within, thus outside of human purveyors to barter with, while the latter is indeed within their reach and manipulation.

Therefore, a human being is always whole, and has always been so, before society begins to use privileges to manipulate our anxieties and fears, as society bamboozles us to seek refuge from a disordered universe into tribes, in-groups, enclave, and/or nations.

Believe, none of us, CERTAINLY, is the only certainty, for the Truth is most and always ineffable.

Goddess bless, reader!

Transcend to Ascend

Transcend to Ascend

If you pierce my heart with a lie,
I will NOT die,
But merely our human world
To a world of Truth