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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Anachronistic "White Supremacy" 

We have to move to a new era, a new stage in the evolution of our noble humanity; therefore, I propose that we, ALL, stop using the term, "White supremacy," and instead use the term superiority complex, for I believe we will NEVER be able to see the oppressor in each of us, but will continue to just otherize a whole subgroup of humanity, as they have been marginalizing, stigmatizing, and discriminating against the rest of us with less external powers, less privileges.

Furthermore, how does one define "White," as a race? One cannot define it scientifically, but culturally; therefore, a lot of folks, who might be perceived, read as "non-White" externally or skin-color-wise, are indeed and in deeds most culturally "White," in relation to high privileges, and an internalized superiority complex based on economic status, education status, and a general affiliation to certain tribes with high vested interests in the status quo.

Goddess bless, reader

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