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Monday, July 11, 2016



Each day one has to be most vigilant about whether one's heart is contracting to the darkness or expanding to the light.

Mental illness is the most insidiously skilled jewel thief, who robs, as the home alarm system sets off to a perpetual panic mode, which then evicts from the body, of peace of mind or of raison d'etre.

How one can walk around unaware of the extent the brain is not at its optimal, for the heart is divided from her.

Optimal mental health is when the brain and the heart are in wonderful Tango.

The stigma of mental illness sends one to live in micro- and macro-isolation.

When the external world stigmatizes by conceptualizing illness-before-personhood, remember that true freedom, liberation lies within.

The external world may stigmatize, but it can NEVER victimize without one's leave.

Oppression bears isolation.

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