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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Trans Women and Oppression

A Black trans sister asks, on her social media page, a most pertinent question, given the cold-blooded murders of so many Black trans sisters this year: what are some of the ways the law oppresses Black trans women? (I am NOT quoting her verbatim.)

In an overt way, we all know about the insidious "bathroom bills," like HB2, and that definitely will have a greater oppressive effect on Black trans women, since our sisters are more marginalized or poorer on average, to say the least; therefore, our Black trans sisters would have a much harder time to have some of the surgeries needed to move stealth, in some cases, since they would tend to transition much later in life.
In a more subtle way, we know all too well of the hypermasculine Black man, who has been bamboozled, miseducated, and diseducated to believe the mythic and most dangerous characteristic of his "man-hood" put forth by his patriarchal masters since his birth, during and after physical slavery.
And that myth of inferiority and/or superiority has made it that the only way he can appease his master is to be a "manly" man, thus always in the "man box," as Tony Porter calls it, and so when a Black trans sister, who was assigned "male" at birth, decides to transition, he feels slighted beyond repair on behalf on his master, and must revenge his master the best way that he has been miseducated, diseducated, and that is to use his sword against her - - NO pun intended!

Goddess bless, GOogler!

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