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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Savior's Complex

A Savior's Complex

Having survived - - with the help of many therapists and one psychiatrist who prescribed a most helpful psychotropic, also countless of others who inadvertently taught me to be self-reliant and resilient because of their distancing themselves from me, but also a few who tried to coax me out of isolation or what I like to call the unliving - - more than four decades with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, an umbrella term for panic attacks and depression to name a few of its insidious kins, one feels a definite sense of duty to our noble humanity, which around another who seeks to manipulate one's good intentions, consciously or not, quickly manifests itself as a Savior's complex on one's part and codependency on the other's part. A Savior's complex is indeed a form of codependency.

One must be careful to not cut the legs out from under the other as one tries, again, with good intentions, to help shoulder the other's suffering, in general.

Goddess bless, reader!

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