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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Negation of Womanhood

The Negation of Womanhood

Patriarchy wants womanhood to be "beautiful" young, and "sexy," by any unnatural means available, but then it punishes her for being so, by not allowing her to be fully human, if she lives her whole life unconsciously within the walls of man-made boxes and ever fearful as a subjugated.

I suddenly found myself inside--and aware of it--the "man-box," as Tony Porter calls it in his must-watch TED Talks video:  On my way home from work, I passed by a row of houses to get to my building, and today a young lady in her late teens and an older woman were on their porch (the latter sitting and the former standing), as I looked their way, the young lady was laughing, looking towards my direction, and as she was beginning to remove her dark-colored blouse to give sight to her sleeveless shirt underneath, I quickly averted my eyes down, then the other direction to a small tree planted on the sidewalk, but the thoughts in my mind that accompanied my disdainful body language were even more so:  She is flirting with me; why is she removing her blouse so deliberately as she looks my direction; she is too young, "beautiful" and "sexy" to be so comfortable in her skin, on her own porch!

It entered my consciousness much later that most likely the young lady was just and only enjoying the warm weather on her porch with an older lady, who most likely was her grandmother; she, by any stretch of my patriarchal imaginings or fantasies, was not offering her body and womanhood as a sacrifice to my inherited male privileges!

How he negates womanhood by subjugating her to boxes of the smallest fractions of  her whole being.  How he forces her, by any insidious means, to live as the object of his sexual fantasies and desires.  How he imposes upon her impossible standards of beauty, and then rapes her for meeting his criteria of ideal femininity.  How he encroaches on her natural, free way of being fully human.  How he sends her to live a life of less and less participation, as a mere fraction of her natural wholeness to begin with anyway, in every-day life the moment she ages beyond a few decades.

Goddess by her, in a patriarchal world, and in good stead!

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