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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Standing at the Intersection of All of One's Identities

Standing at the Intersection of All of One's Identities
The National Alliance on Mental Illness asks today on its Facebook page, "How would you define mental health?"

I define mental health as the journey to stand unapologetically at the intersection of ALL of one's identities.

What do I mean by that?
One can live a balanced life with a mental illness or mental illnesses.

What usually stands in the way, in my lived experiences with generalized anxiety. and depression falls under that large umbrella, is the individual's--conscious or otherwise--refusal, denial, reluctance to fully embrace her, his, their lived experiences as a human being with a brain ailment.

And usually to come to terms with said human experiences, one needs a human, emotional/social guide or therapist to show one how to transform, transcend the stigmas, shame, self-blame, anger--borne out the why-me, self-pitying perspectives/lenses--and to address with psychotropics the chemical imbalance inherent in long-term mental disequilibrium, for I strongly believe that to properly address the chemical imbalance, psychotropics must be coupled with behavioral therapy to regain full mental equilibrium or health.

Goddess bless, all!

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