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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Rights are Within

Rights are Within
One must not conflate "rights" with privileges; rights are within, thus outside of human purveyors to barter with, while the latter is indeed within their reach and manipulation.

Therefore, a human being is always whole, and has always been so, before society begins to use privileges to manipulate our anxieties and fears, as society bamboozles us to seek refuge from a disordered universe into tribes, in-groups, enclave, and/or nations.

Believe, none of us, CERTAINLY, is the only certainty, for the Truth is most and always ineffable.

Goddess bless, reader!

Transcend to Ascend

Transcend to Ascend

If you pierce my heart with a lie,
I will NOT die,
But merely our human world
To a world of Truth

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Deconstructing "Whiteness" as a Human Syndrome

By constantly associated the racial term, "White", with "supremacy," one inevitably begins to associate "Whiteness" with superiority, but without associating it with the most insidious psychological mechanism, as would if the racial word were to be associated with the term complex, to be deconstructed as a human frailty, or syndrome.

Goddess bless, reader!

Anachronistic "White Supremacy" 

We have to move to a new era, a new stage in the evolution of our noble humanity; therefore, I propose that we, ALL, stop using the term, "White supremacy," and instead use the term superiority complex, for I believe we will NEVER be able to see the oppressor in each of us, but will continue to just otherize a whole subgroup of humanity, as they have been marginalizing, stigmatizing, and discriminating against the rest of us with less external powers, less privileges.

Furthermore, how does one define "White," as a race? One cannot define it scientifically, but culturally; therefore, a lot of folks, who might be perceived, read as "non-White" externally or skin-color-wise, are indeed and in deeds most culturally "White," in relation to high privileges, and an internalized superiority complex based on economic status, education status, and a general affiliation to certain tribes with high vested interests in the status quo.

Goddess bless, reader

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Jen Richards on cisgender actors playing trans women: ...

**Jen Richards on cisgender actors playing trans women**: ...
" I auditioned for this. I told them they shouldn't have a cis man play a trans woman. They didn't care.
I've made this point in a few interviews, but never on Twitter, so let me lay it out. Reasons not to have cis men play trans women:
First, there's the practical/economic one. It denies actual trans women opportunities, jobs, resources, which hurts entire community.
Then there's an aesthetic. Now, I agree, in principle, that anyone can play anyone. As an artist, I want that kind of freedom myself, but...Having trans people play trans people allows for more informed, subtle, authentic performance. It makes for BETTER ART, which is the point.
There's a reason why @HerStoryShow has resonated so much with trans people, why we love @Lavernecox, @MsJamieClayton, @angelicaross, etc.
Eddie Redmayne, Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, etc., are great actors, but we, and those who know us, see the difference between them & us
Cis audiences reward them because they see being trans itself as a performance. Trans actors rather perform THE STORY, not our gender.
But all of this pales to the main reason not to have cis men play trans women. This is the reason that is making me cry as I type this...
It will result in violence against trans women. And that is not hyperbole, I mean it literally. Cis men playing trans women leads to death.
Here's why. I've spent years looking at violence against trans women, particularly who does it & why. I talk to survivors. There's a pattern:
Straight men are attracted to trans women. They always have been, always will be. We are some of the most popular sex workers. It's a fact.
BUT they are afraid that being with trans women makes them gay/less masculine. They seek us out, enjoy us, then punish us for their anxiety.
Let's be more direct: They have sex with us, worry that makes them gay, then reassert their masculinity through violence aimed at us.
Back to the point. WHY do men, who aren't attracted to men, who only date women, think being with trans women makes them gay/less masculine?
Because culture as a whole still thinks trans women are "really" men. Decades of showing us that way in shows. It's been internalized.
Again & again cis men play trans women in media with the furthest reach, are rewarded for it, & tell the world trans women are "really" men.
When @MattBomer plays a trans sex worker, he is telling the world that underneath it all, trans women like me are still really just men.
And that is going to lead to violence. Not to me, likely, but to girls already most at risk. Any cis men who do this have bloody hands.
I'm not some screechy activist. I mean all this literally. It's happening all the time. The stakes are life & death. Our women are dying.
I'm a filmmaker. I hold the freedom of art sacred, but I also recognize its power as a responsibility. We shape perception, we are culpable.
**Dear @MarkRuffalo & @MattBomer: if you release this movie, it will directly lead to violence against already at risk trans women**.
**You will exacerbate the cultural belief that trans women are really men, which is the root of violence against us. @MarkRuffalo @MattBomer**
I need to back up on one point from earlier, because it also matters. The root of the violence is white supremacy, no matter who does it...

#JenRichards #TransLivesMatter #privilege #transactresses #transactors #equity #visibility

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

The Pugnacious, Alpha Roosters

To empower the disenfranchised or marginalized by centering their lived experiences with oppression does not, in any way, take away from the humanity of the privileged subgroup, but since a privilege is not absolute, but most relative, it does reduce its value, effect, or more to the point, defect.

A privilege is indeed a defect, for it places on one it is bestowed the illusion of freedom, but only to behave within a preordained way, and there is the rub, which makes the privileged as oppressed in their narrow way of experiencing life or humanity, as the privileged creates an external, linear order of experiences, which is most retrograde to any truth or freedom to exist as one innately experiences, understands the nobility, connectedness of our humanity.

Also, as we have all been bamboozled to experience value, for example, if too many folks have $200 of discretionary income, we then believe that such an amount is not longer as valuable; therefore, we must acquire more money, as we, then, invariably put roadblocks for others to have same.

Essentially, that is what happened a few years ago, when the real estate market collapsed, for too many ill-advised, -acquired mortgages had diluted the value of such a privilege; therefore, the pugnacious, alpha roosters came home to reinforce, restore linear order.

Goddess bless, reader!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Am A Resilient Work In Progress

 I Am A Resilient Work In Progress

During a dialogue with an acquaintance in a personal setting, they - - again I am by design using a neutral pronoun - - asks, "How is the soured relationship with your girlfriend affecting your mental illness?" I reflexively retorted that I am taking my psychotropic - - a missed opportunity to educate further the other on mental illness.

I said later to myself that I am not a talker, but a writer; I am much more comfortable at writing, since I know very well that I can go back and edit as many times to shape it, with pen or keyboard coupled with my imagination as anvil, just the way I need it to travel out and about the external world.

My mental illness, at this stage of my life, does not make me any less resilient than another person without a diagnosed one, if anything it has made me more resilient in many ways: the various coping skills I learned with the many cognitive behaviorists throughout the many mental collapse, relapse episodes I have had do serve me most well, when facing adversities in life; knowing that at my age - - one of the two cognitive behaviorists I was in therapy with during my last episodic relapse repeated that brilliant, scientific advise to me, until it was cliched into my DNA, and it has been flourishing within me ever since - - the chances of my becoming psychotic, at my middle age, are way less than my winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning; oh, what a wonderful boon, bestowed upon me by Goddess! Also having been blessed with much suffering as a benevolent teacher for well over five decades, as I write this, she have taught me to not focus, thus magnifying my presently perceived negative life issues, but to accept them as invariably soon turning into lessons within the various curricula of life.

I am a resilient work in progress.

Goddess bless, reader!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Truth Mirror

Truth Mirror

Therapy is a truth mirror, which, held flourishingly, reflects one's aberrant, erratic behaviors, in hopes that the unhealthy pattern, cycle will be disrupted and abandoned in favor of healthy, new ones.

The Pervasiveness of Mental Illness Stigma

The Pervasiveness of Mental Illness Stigma

The ubiquitous, sometimes subtle, but most often overt stigmatization of folks with mental illness is documented, but not well enough, I opine.

In both private and public setting I have found myself in, I often hear folks deride those with even a perceived mental health issue, especially implying that they are indeed spineless and/or insane, thus to be ostracized at all costs, with no gray areas for us to exist within.

For examples, in one public setting, someone told me that, "I was afraid of you," when you were not at your mental equilibrium - - I paraphrase here, a bit.  That same person told me at another time, "You did not like us in the past, for you never wanted to hang out with us."  I have also heard a few people speak ill of another person, in one public setting, who had a "total mental breakdown," according to their perception, by saying, again, that they were "afraid" of them -- I am by design using a neutral pronoun, here.  

Also, I must say that the "fear" of folks with a mental illness is borne of an insidious human need to classify, devalue through stigmatization, thus, in effect or, more to the point, defect, to control the behaviors and manipulate the perception, both inner and outer, of a man-made subgroup, which is made up entirely of marginalized or the less-privileged, for the rich are almost never stigmatized, but are elevated to eccentricities.

I, myself, had internalized the stigma associated with mental illness for well over three decades; I, by default, was deprogrammed through the aftermaths, and the subsequent inner need to rebuild on a healthier foundation each time, of several mental collapse, relapse episodes, of course -- and needless to say, for they are no self-made human being -- with the help of several amazing therapists and one well-matched psychotropic prescribed by a prodigious match-maker of a psychiatrist.

Stigma devalues, marginalizes, and prevents us with a mental illness -- yes, personhood well before illness, every time -- to seek mental health professional help in order to acquire the much-needed coping skills, since there is no cure, to deal with the dis-ease and all of its external, unnatural kins created by society.

Goddess bless, reader!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Black Trans Women and Oppression

A Black trans sister asks, on her social media page, a most pertinent question, given the cold-blooded murders of so many Black trans sisters this year: what are some of the ways the law oppresses Black trans women? (I am NOT quoting her verbatim.)

In an overt way, we all know about the insidious "bathroom bills," like HB2, and that definitely will have a greater oppressive effect on Black trans women, since our sisters are more marginalized or poorer on average, to say the least; therefore, our Black trans sisters would have a much harder time to have some of the surgeries needed to move stealth, in some cases, since they would tend to transition much later in life.
In a more subtle way, we know all too well of the hypermasculine Black man, who has been bamboozled, miseducated, and diseducated to believe the mythic and most dangerous characteristic of his "man-hood" put forth by his patriarchal masters since his birth, during and after physical slavery.
And that myth of inferiority and/or superiority has made it that the only way he can appease his master is to be a "manly" man, thus always in the "man box," as Tony Porter calls it, and so when a Black trans sister, who was assigned "male" at birth, decides to transition, he feels slighted beyond repair on behalf on his master, and must revenge his master the best way that he has been miseducated, diseducated, and that is to use his sword against her - - NO pun intended!

Goddess bless, GOogler!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on nonviolence of spirit...

Dear GOogler,
*Nonviolence means avoiding NOT ONLY physical violence, but also internal violence of spirit. You NOT ONLY refuse to shoot a man, but you REFUSE TO HATE*. "
- -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

#nonviolence   #MartinLutherKingJr   #supportlawenforcement  #supportpoliceofficers  

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on hate, violence, toughness and the transformative power of love...

Dear GOogler,
Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love. "
- -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

#LOVETRANSFORMShate   #loveislove   #civilrights   #lgbtqiarights  
#lgbtqia   #discrimination   #stigma   #stereotypes   #bias  

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Accepting Human Suffering

Accepting Human Suffering

When one clearly DOES NOT want to shoulder his/her/their own suffering, the hot, crocodile tears always, with ease, flow down their cheeks to another's shoulder.

One creates more needless human suffering by NOT accepting and sitting with one's suffering in order to transform it, for the mere act of placing it at another's shoulder does not transform it in oneself at all, since the root cause(s) of the suffering is NEVER addressed, not all.

This is why it is said that being in therapy is NOT at all an easy, fun endeavor (I can attest to that as indeed a fact), for one must be ready to be most vulnerable, thus face one's own fears, or angst in life, in general; the therapist cannot do it for her patient, but can only serve as a professional guide through the journey to mental equilibrium from the dis-ease.

Goddess bless, reader!

A Savior's Complex

A Savior's Complex

Having survived - - with the help of many therapists and one psychiatrist who prescribed a most helpful psychotropic, also countless of others who inadvertently taught me to be self-reliant and resilient because of their distancing themselves from me, but also a few who tried to coax me out of isolation or what I like to call the unliving - - more than four decades with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, an umbrella term for panic attacks and depression to name a few of its insidious kins, one feels a definite sense of duty to our noble humanity, which around another who seeks to manipulate one's good intentions, consciously or not, quickly manifests itself as a Savior's complex on one's part and codependency on the other's part. A Savior's complex is indeed a form of codependency.

One must be careful to not cut the legs out from under the other as one tries, again, with good intentions, to help shoulder the other's suffering, in general.

Goddess bless, reader!

Monday, July 11, 2016



Each day one has to be most vigilant about whether one's heart is contracting to the darkness or expanding to the light.

Mental illness is the most insidiously skilled jewel thief, who robs, as the home alarm system sets off to a perpetual panic mode, which then evicts from the body, of peace of mind or of raison d'etre.

How one can walk around unaware of the extent the brain is not at its optimal, for the heart is divided from her.

Optimal mental health is when the brain and the heart are in wonderful Tango.

The stigma of mental illness sends one to live in micro- and macro-isolation.

When the external world stigmatizes by conceptualizing illness-before-personhood, remember that true freedom, liberation lies within.

The external world may stigmatize, but it can NEVER victimize without one's leave.

Oppression bears isolation.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Further Marginalizing Our Sisters

Further Marginalizing Our Sisters

There must be a conscious, dark line drawn between loving "Black" womanhood and objectifying them in most subtle ways that further marginalize our sisters, in matter-of-factly male-centered, insidious attempts to "uplift" them.

I pray that we, men, know, consciously, each time we are in the "man-box," and reflect time and time again how to live outside of it.

Goddess bless, reader!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Musings on Massachussetts Republican Senator Richard Ross Voting in Favor of Trans Civil Rights

Musings on Massachussetts Republican Senator Richard Ross Voting in Favor of Trans Civil Rights

We SHOULD NOT be "surprised," in the least bit - - maybe "pleasantly surprised" - - that a Republican Senator is pro-Civil,  
-human Rights, for republicanism is NOT synonymous with being anti-LGBTQIA+, we should all believe, and given the latest scientific research into IMPLICIT BIAS:  we ALL are quite capable of holding tribal views, and acting accordingly.

Just like the LGBTQIA+ community is NOT at all homogeneous in its social and political philosophy, the Republican Party, I believe/hope is NOT.

Apropos, Laverne Cox, echoing the writer-goddess, Audre Lorde, cogently puts it, thus, " Each and every one of us has the capacity to be an oppressor. I want to encourage each and everyone of us to interrogate how we might be an oppressor, and how we might be able to become liberators for ourselves and for each other. "

Goddess bless, reader!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Negation of Womanhood

The Negation of Womanhood

Patriarchy wants womanhood to be "beautiful" young, and "sexy," by any unnatural means available, but then it punishes her for being so, by not allowing her to be fully human, if she lives her whole life unconsciously within the walls of man-made boxes and ever fearful as a subjugated.

I suddenly found myself inside--and aware of it--the "man-box," as Tony Porter calls it in his must-watch TED Talks video:  On my way home from work, I passed by a row of houses to get to my building, and today a young lady in her late teens and an older woman were on their porch (the latter sitting and the former standing), as I looked their way, the young lady was laughing, looking towards my direction, and as she was beginning to remove her dark-colored blouse to give sight to her sleeveless shirt underneath, I quickly averted my eyes down, then the other direction to a small tree planted on the sidewalk, but the thoughts in my mind that accompanied my disdainful body language were even more so:  She is flirting with me; why is she removing her blouse so deliberately as she looks my direction; she is too young, "beautiful" and "sexy" to be so comfortable in her skin, on her own porch!

It entered my consciousness much later that most likely the young lady was just and only enjoying the warm weather on her porch with an older lady, who most likely was her grandmother; she, by any stretch of my patriarchal imaginings or fantasies, was not offering her body and womanhood as a sacrifice to my inherited male privileges!

How he negates womanhood by subjugating her to boxes of the smallest fractions of  her whole being.  How he forces her, by any insidious means, to live as the object of his sexual fantasies and desires.  How he imposes upon her impossible standards of beauty, and then rapes her for meeting his criteria of ideal femininity.  How he encroaches on her natural, free way of being fully human.  How he sends her to live a life of less and less participation, as a mere fraction of her natural wholeness to begin with anyway, in every-day life the moment she ages beyond a few decades.

Goddess by her, in a patriarchal world, and in good stead!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Human Rights Is Not A Barter

Human Rights Is Not A Barter!

NO morally unanoited politician should be audacious enough to say publicly, "Vote for me and my tribe, and we will bestow upon you and yours human rights!"

Human rights should NOT be a barter!

Our Jewish sisters and brothers did have their human dignity, inalienable rights as human beings, within the walls of Nazi concentration camps--and we know so well due to the many survivors' accounts of how the weakest of them, the dying share their all, or whatever they could with the others, who might have been stronger.  The Allied Forces did not all of sudden, upon physically moving them out, beyond the walls of the Nazi concentration camps, bestow upon our Jewish sisters and brothers their inviolable rights and dignity as human beings, for those rights are sacred indeed

Human rights is NOT a barter.

Goddess bless, reader!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Apropos Dennis Hastert, former House Speaker, who admitted in court to having molested several boys:

For me though, THIS IS MORE than just about "Republican hypocrisy," or "White" and/or "Christian" males hypocrisy, for it behooves one NOT TO FORGET how many non-white males who are LGBTQIA+-phobic, but are child molesters and/or rapists;  IT IS ABOUT what patriarchy or any external power structure - - tainted religion or religion dominated or controlled by the morally unanointed leaders comes to mind, here  as example - - does to the individual, the human being with frailties or weaknesses, who, having been given one face by Goddess, takes on another to inherit, achieve, and maintain EXTERNAL powers, as a servant of its systemic oppression, whose every breath serves to extinguish every candle he comes in contact with, for oppression must and can only live, thrive, and survive in human darkness, where the seeds of division or otherness are nurtured in men-made, superficial-light bulbs, which, then, bear the violent fruits of hate and all its kins. 

LGBTQIA+-phobia is just another tool that serves the external, or men-made, literally made by men, power structure's systemic oppression most insidiously well!

As Audre Lorde, writer-goddess, cogently warns us, all, "For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change." 

Goddess bless, us, all !

Saturday, April 9, 2016

To Gossip or NOT to Gossip

To Gossip or NOT to Gossip

The hypocrites have given Gossip a serious black eye!  Have you seen her wearing those big dark sunglasses, lately, and even indoors?  If you continue to perceive her with the darkened eye under sunglasses, may I suggest that you, yourself, adjust or change completely your own lenses.

I posit, dear reader, that gossip is merely second-, third-hand information, or more appropriately, accurately termed here, data,--and data are always neutral in kind, neither good or bad--and depending on the form she takes, gossip is merely the human mind, brain trying to ascertain herself, to make sense of her world, in the process, trying to figure out what is socially acceptable, or simply morally acceptable within a given social context.  Although, I must quickly add, here, that the intention, impact derived from a specific gossip, is never neutral, but may be amoral, negative, simply inappropriate, or positive in many cases--one is, should, and is able to assign meaning to one's experiences, of any kind, as originally perceived, felt, lived!

Then, I ask myself, wherefore and how did Gossip acquire such bad connotations, denotations, and reputation?

Any given power structure's main focus is to create reality, principally external, which may be internalized quickly, and unbeknown to the individual.  Thus, when one engages in manipulating information, data, one is in many ways attempting to supersede or overthrow Cesar, as God in the flesh on Earth--one is essentially saying loudly, "The Emperor has no clothes!"  This may explain how Gossip has gotten such bad denotations, for the ones, who have not come into full alignment with their true, larger Selves, fear that the other may create a reality, false or otherwise, which may supersede or overthrow the one that they mainly want, need to present to the outside world at large.

At this point, here, it is clear to me, at least, where and how Gossip has gotten the bad connotations, borne out the internalized status quo of a preferred power structure--to which the individual has given his unquestioned allegiance to in a vain attempt to feel safe in a world, that he has learned is not, should, and could--where Cesar, as Emperor-God, is the sole creator, manipulator, conferrer of reality on Earth, and so when Gossip attempts to...well you follow.

Goddess bless, dear reader!

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.7)

Mondo's Aphorisms (p. 7)

Human life's main curriculum is centered around agape; the opposite is an ephemeral rabbit hole.

Sometimes love dresses up as the protagonist of a horror movie, and she may scare off the hypocrite, unwise, the uneducated-at-heart.

Clever is the person who manipulates information for his own material end; wise is the one who uses information for the collective enlightenment of our noble humanity.

The ugly endeavor of the morally un-annointed politics is to make one even more entrenched in one's allegiance--both consciously and unconsciously--to one's in-group.

One's need, want to belong to an in-group should never exceed one's moral need to be more life-affirming or just one's authentic, larger Self.

I am the other, and the other is me, for there is NO other.

Intimate relationship gets either deep and deeper, or shallow and more superficial.

Every event in one's life is well worth the journey, once that no longer holds true, even for one insidious nanosecond of life-negating external/internal forces, suicide ideation and/or its kin, depression/despair may creep in.

Beware of the unholy trinity:  fear of death, scarcity, and suffering.

We want our "friends" to conspire with us in creating and sustaining our false self, reality.

We call another a loyal, good "friend," when he conspires with us in sustaining our ill-created, false self or reality.

A Goddess/God, who resides in the heavens, or for that matter, a deity incarnate among us, will NOT save Humanity from Her frailties; only the Goddess/God within the One inside each of us will save Her, if we choose to worship only at Her altar.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Standing at the Intersection of All of One's Identities

Standing at the Intersection of All of One's Identities
The National Alliance on Mental Illness asks today on its Facebook page, "How would you define mental health?"

I define mental health as the journey to stand unapologetically at the intersection of ALL of one's identities.

What do I mean by that?
One can live a balanced life with a mental illness or mental illnesses.

What usually stands in the way, in my lived experiences with generalized anxiety. and depression falls under that large umbrella, is the individual's--conscious or otherwise--refusal, denial, reluctance to fully embrace her, his, their lived experiences as a human being with a brain ailment.

And usually to come to terms with said human experiences, one needs a human, emotional/social guide or therapist to show one how to transform, transcend the stigmas, shame, self-blame, anger--borne out the why-me, self-pitying perspectives/lenses--and to address with psychotropics the chemical imbalance inherent in long-term mental disequilibrium, for I strongly believe that to properly address the chemical imbalance, psychotropics must be coupled with behavioral therapy to regain full mental equilibrium or health.

Goddess bless, all!

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Noble Alignment

The Noble Alignment
One can be to the other "professional foe" and "personal friend," for the two are NOT at all incongruous, and/or the two terms are NOT oxymoronic, at all!
Kudos to Justice Ginsberg for being a great, noble example to the rest of us!
"Toward the end of the opera Scalia/Ginsburg, tenor Scalia and soprano Ginsburg sing a duet: ‘We are different, we are one,’ different in our interpretation of written texts, one in our reverence for the Constitution and the institution we serve."

                --US Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader                    Ginsburg

Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Freedom Prayer

A Freedom Prayer
Be free my soul
For I love thee.
Every morning when I awake,
Be far wiser than the body,
And constant in your eternal truth.

Be like the Sun 
Each new morn in her East.
And every night,
When I to bed,
Be my North Star.

And transcend, my soul,
My body's oceanic 
Storage of fears.

A Heterogeneous LGBTQIA+ Community

A Heterogeneous LGBTQIA+ Community!
The LGBTQIA+ community is NOT at all a homogeneous group, and that's a GOOD thing.
Respectful, genuine, and honest disagreements are to be expected and fostered for the greater good of the community as a whole.
We talk of DIVERSITY all the time, and should walk that talk, too!
But, if a specific disagreement is about hate, division for the sole purpose of amassing external resources, powers to conquer, in order to self-promote for one's own selfish ends by any means necessary, then, "Go to... !" I believe is the appropriate response.

Goddess bless, all!

The Insidious Weapons of Internalized Homophobia

The Insidious Weapons of Internalized Homophobia
We, ALL, should be aware, wary of internalized homophobia, as its insidious weapons take roots within the very sinuous of one's heart, turning it into a clenched fist, rearing itself micro-aggressively, at times against the very self one desperately seeks to nurture and protect, and of course, at other times, at the very community one finds emotional shelter inside.

Goddess bless, all!

A Perfect Imperfection

 A Perfect Imperfection
The LGBTQIA+ community, as a marginalized subgroup in a patriarchal society or larger group of human beings, will reflect the ills of patriarchy -- or the learned human behaviors fostered by the division inherent in a system of oppression -- to a perfect imperfection, matter-of-factly end-of-spectrum, 

Goddess bless, all!

Politics Is a "Dirty" Business

Politics Is a "Dirty" Business

Again, I respectfully caution:  Politics is a "dirty" business,

and should be reserved, in my view, only for those who are 

skillful in the art itself, and empathetic enough to align the 

ideals, goals of politics with a much-needed, standard, 

human code of conduct.

Politics should NOT be equated with morality, or mistaken 

for---NEVER!  Morality is what makes our humanity worth 

fighting for, worth loving, and in the process of our 

evolution, most noble in kind.

Politics should NOT supplant, supersede human morality, 

lest we become much like the other we live in fear of!

Goddess bless, all!

#JusticeScalia   #JusticeAntoninScalia   #USSupremeCourtnew

Saturday, February 6, 2016

To Align the Eternal Soul with the Human Flesh

To Align the Eternal Soul with the Human Flesh
Anytime a human being asks, "How could they, he, or she do such a horrendous thing?"
The Universe retorts, "They, he, or she could, simply!"
After all, "The flesh is weak," I remind myself.

The journey to become fully, more human is paved with many, too many to count, rabbit holes to rise out of, to transform, and to transcend, as one attempts to align the eternal soul, the One, with the human flesh.

Good journey, all!

The Intolerance of the Marginalized

 The Intolerance of the Marginalized
As LGBTQIA+ folks. or simply put, human beings, we MUST learn to be more tolerant of civil discourse, and/or disagreement.
How could we, so often, point out the intolerance of the larger human community, and fail so miserably to check, rein in our own penchant for intolerance?
Is it simply, that "hurt people hurt people?"

Good journey, all!

The Shepherd's Absolute Power

The Shepherd's Absolute Power
There is this characteristic of every politically TAINTED religion, any of them, that demands complete submission of every of its adherents, for those few human beings who are in charge are easily corrupted by internal and/or external forces, and to lead their "sheep" so to gain absolute external power as shepherds, they demand complete/absolute submission.

Goddess bless, reader!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Transforming and Transcending Hate

Transforming and Transcending Hate
(In a World Pregnant with Fears)

I have come to the conclusion that only when we, are able to embrace hate in the other, are we capable to nurse our own, to actively practice, work on transforming it, as we journey, to its polar opposite, in order to transcend it with a vulnerable heart in a world most pregnant with fears.

It's clear to me that, if we're not at least on the conscious journey to actively be, minute-by-minute present, in loving Tango with our own pain/suffering and/or hate, when the other presents us with the divine opportunity to practice transforming our own human frailties, we will turn our backs in fear of recognizing our less-than-human selves in the other; therefore, unable to turn the other cheek, we will unfortunately engage the other in warring kinds.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service!

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”
--The Dalai Lama