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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rev. Martin Luther King's Legacy Is NOT a "Black" Legacy!

What is all the negative hoopla about Madonna (mostly, here, on behalf of her fans taking creative license), as an artist, using the pictures of Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, aspiring to, or likening herself to those "black" rebels; I must add quickly, here, that both, King and Mandela, were inner, soft rebels, or what I would coin, here, evolutionary rebels, as opposed to revolutionary rebels.

"Black" people do NOT own King's legacy, and "Black" folks do NOT own Mandela's legacy!

King's and Mandela's legacies are our noble Humanity's legacies!

As a decolonized "black" man and conscious of my belonging to our noble Humanity, I believe this:  "Black" folks, who want to solely, as a group unto themselves, separated from our whole or noble Humanity, inherit King's and Mandela's Legacy, are perpetuating racism on their own terms, to their own detriment, and have therefore derailed the Soul Train journeying to our "beloved community!"

So what IS NEW, I ask my-Self?  Another prophet misunderstood; her legacy misused, misinterpreted, sullied, and tainted by those, among us, who are less noble, consciously or/and unconsciously, mischievous in theories and practices, to that end of dividing us, as a One-People, a whole, noble Humanity, in order to profit, benefit externally, thereby amassing more and more external powers in vain attempts to colonize our minds and bodies (our One-Human, noble Soul could NEVER be colonized!) to satiate their greed, and extinguish their fear of scarcity!

Each milestone, won by King and Mandela on that evolutionary pathway, have been achieved thus for and by the countless sufferings and struggles of so many from diverse backgrounds, races, cultures, religions, economic, social, and educational strata.

So, Madonna and her creatively licenced fans, I, as a decolonized "black" man, give you carte blanche to liken your-Selves to Dr. King's and Mandela's rebellious hearts, minds, and souls, and to inherit their legacies, as human beings, like the rest of us, with noble souls, but oftentimes plagued by mischievous, resistant-to-change, behavioral patterns.

With agape,