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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"Loaded Language" from "On The Media" ( Radio Podcast)

"Loaded Language" from "On The Media"

"For reporters covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, choosing the right words is a daunting task. So the International Press Institute set out to identify those hot-button words and phrases that the media throw around and create a glossary, called "Use With Care", that offers context and more neutral language. Brooke talks with Naomi Hunt, editor of the glossary and senior press freedom adviser at the IPI."
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Anti-gay Laws Can Fuel Spread Of HIV, Research Finds" by Karen Weintraub, Special for "USA TODAY"

"Stigma and discrimination have always played a major role in the global AIDS epidemic, but they are getting renewed attention this year at the ongoing International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia."
"A study released Monday at the conference shows that vulnerable communities in Nigeria fared far worse after legislation was passed criminalizing gay male sex. And in a panel scheduled for Wednesday , researchers were expected to discuss way to help advocates, doctors and patients combat stigma."
"The fact that in 2014, this kind of legislation is being passed in countries around the world is mind-boggling," he said, adding that such state-legislated prejudice "creates a climate of fear that drives people underground into the shadows, away from services."
"The new study from Nigeria shows that patients who lack treatment are more likely to transmit HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, making it harder to control the epidemic, which has already infected 35 million worldwide."
"From Nigeria, we get a very clear answer that (the new laws) are aiding and abetting the virus and making it much more difficult if not impossible to provide basic services to people in need," said Chris Beyrer, incoming president of the International AIDS Society, which runs the conference."
"Researchers were already studying Nigerian men who have sex with menwhen the anti-gay law was passed. After some investigating and soul-searching, the group decided to keep the study going, to measure the law's impact, said Stefan Baral, an associate professor and director of the Key Populations Program at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore."
"Results confirmed the researchers' fears. "We're seeing extremely high numbers of new infections and extremely high prevalence" of HIV, particularly among young men, since the law passed, Baral said. "There's an extremely clear link between that fear of seeking care among people who are at risk or living with HIV and their own health outcomes."
"Even though everybody pays lip service to the importance of stigma, there's been very limited investment in trying to understand how stigma manifests, how to measure it, how to intervene," he said. "I think because the science is in an early stage, there hasn't been a major investment in programs other than people getting together and discussing it."
-- Karen Weintraub, Special for "USA TODAY"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"To End Child Marriage: Girls NOT Brides"

  • 64% of illiterate adults are women.
  • Girls under 15 are 5 times more likely to die in childbirth.
  • Over 60% of the world's hungry are women.
"People may say, "it is 'tradition;' it cannot change," but it is NOT true.  'Traditions' can CHANGE, because they are made by people."

--Graca Machel ("The Elders")

"This is a grave Human Rights issue, but it's also a development issue.  How could you improve girls' education, when they are taken out of school to be married."
--Mary Robinson ("The Elders")

On Putting An END To Sexual Assault!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

"HIV Infections Are Rising Among Gay Men In Many Parts Of The World" --W.H.O.

"HIV Infections Are Rising Among Gay Men..." --W.H.O.

Please click on the above link for the audio podcast from "On The Media."

"Late last week, the World Health Organization announces that HIV infections are rising among gay men in many parts of the world."

"1 in 6 gay men report to using condoms as protection when having sex outside monogamous relationships."

To:  All My Gay Men GOoglers,

Please make sure you protect yourself; please do NOT have unprotected sex, unless you are (BOTH) in a monogamous, committed relationship with a partner you trust and love!  And my plea/warning goes to, mostly, especially, young gay men, who were NOT born, before a time, to experience the AIDS/HIV epidemic from its start, in the 80's, 90's.
With agape,

"'Truvada' is a drug that, taken daily, has been show to prevent HIV infection by as much as 99 percent. Like the polio vaccine, or like the birth control pill, it's a medical breakthrough worthy of massive coverage. Why hasn't there been? Brooke speaks to Rich Juzwiak, a Gawker staff writer, about the drug and what’s holding it back in the media."

Please click on the link above/top of page to listen to the audio podcast from "On The Media."

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Friday, July 18, 2014

"Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource For The Transgender Community"

"Fresh Air" With Terry Gross: "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves"
Please click on the above link to listen the "Fresh Air" podcast audio.
A Resource for the Transgender Community by Laura Erickson-Schroth 
The growing number of people who identify as transgender is raising a lot of interesting and complicated questions about gender identity.
The new book, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, is a collection of essays describing the varied experiences of transgender people — and the social, political and medical issues they face. It's written by and for transgender and gender-nonconforming people.
The idea was inspired by the groundbreaking 1970's feminist health manual Our Bodies, Ourselves.
That book "was put together ... by a group of women who ... weren't getting the care that they needed from what was mostly male physicians at the time," the book's editor, Laura Erickson-Schroth, tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross. "And so they put together this really radical book that included topics like abortion and rape and lesbian identity. And this was something that I thought we could duplicate — something that was written by and for trans people about all aspects of life."
On discovering their transgender identities
Jennifer Finney Boylan: Another word that's good to know, and this word is relatively new to me anyway, is cisgender, which means not transgender. In some ways, cisgender is to trans as straight is to gay.
We used to say "not transgender" as if "not transgender" was the norm and transgender was where the trouble came in. But to think that cisgender and transgender are both two different ways of being human that are equally acceptable and fine, I think it's helpful because it also helps us to think that transgender people are human and normal, and should be defined according to who they are and not in terms of what they're not.
Finney Boylan: The first person that I had a conversation [with] about [trans issues] was a psychologist in New York after college. So I was in my 20s, and of course the first psychologist that I talked to knew less about what it meant to be trans than I did. So, in fact, he not only gave me information that was not helpful — he gave me information that was wrong. In some ways [it] delayed my ability to address my troubles [for] years.
Jennifer Finney Boylan, who wrote the introduction, is the author of several books, including Stuck in the Middle with You: A Memoir of Parenting in Three Genders.
On how hormones affected their transgender identities
Key: Even [more] than the physical manifestations [from testosterone] was the relief I felt. It was coming home, so to speak. I felt, finally, that the way that I was responding, the way that I was engaging in life, the way I felt in myself finally fit. ... It did feel like, "Finally, here I am."
Aidan Key wrote the chapter about gender-nonconforming children. He says he had a very clear moment when he was 9 years old that he was transgender, but "there was no cultural context" for it.

Mental Illness: What You See / What You Don't See

Dear GOogler,

"This video is only 2 minutes long, yet tells the story that is so familiar to many of us. And if it’s not something you’ll experience directly, you’ll definitely know someone who does.

Even though this video was directed at Canadians, it’s equally true of Americans. Except in America, 1 in 4 Americans will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. So in a family of 4, that means one of you will get it. In a group of 4 friends, one of you will get it.
We need to stop thinking as mental illness only impacting “other people.” It impacts us all, and this video says that much more eloquently than most people can. That’s why I’m so passionate and write so frequently on the kinds of things that could impact anyone ever diagnosed with a mental illness — such as taking away some of your basic Constitutional rights. Simply because of a diagnosis.

Let’s help stop the discrimination. Let’s help stop the prejudice. And let’s help stop the stigma."

--Dr. John Grohol is the founder & CEO of Psych Central. He is an author, researcher and expert in mental health online, and has been writing about online behavior, mental health and psychology issues -- as well as the intersection of technology and human behavior -- since 1992. Dr. Grohol sits on the editorial board of the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking and is a founding board member and treasurer of the Society for Participatory Medicine.

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With agape,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Be A Man: Joe Ehrmann at TEDxBaltimore 2013

Excerpts from the TEDx video
3 Myth Of Masculinity  from "Be A Man" by Joe Ehrman 
(at TEDx Baltimore 2013)

*Ball Field: athletic ability, size, strength, skill set

*Bedroom: sexual conquest

*Billfold: economic success

Redefining Masculinity  from "Be A Man" by Joe Ehrman 
(at TEDx Baltimore 2013)

Two Criteria:

1.  Relationships:  to love and be loved

2.  Commitment to a cause:  make the world a better place [than you've found it to be].
***end of excerpts***

Remember, GOoglers, that gender is an insidious, patriarchal,
"men-made,"  literally, construct.  Men are socialized to believe that they have/must live up--or down literally, depending on your perspective--to those insidious myths of "manhood" cited above by Joe Ehrman in his TEDx video!
We must all unlearn these insidious beliefs from our socialization to welcome the "beloved community."
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Epiphany #12: To Live Within Is To Be Fully Human

To Live Within Is To Be Fully Human

An Epiphany #12

When we call the other "bad," "evil," or "mischievous," we end up giving the other an irrefutable excuse/reason to stay stuck in one specific life stage, or at the very least to stay there longer than needed to learn the lesson(s) at that specific 

We, all, have fallen prey to systems, and live under systems' control.  So when the individual lives under systems, he lives outside of himself, and therefore has been socialized by systems to believe that he needs to manipulate and compete with his outside, external environment to feel loved, secure, and happy, for love, security, and happiness are all three relative or in direct scarcity to what/who has more/less materially/externally than the other.

This merely surviving under systems, as systems' preys, will always lead unnaturally to a need for wars over the fear of scarcity, or external powers.

We, all, are educated, miseducated, and diseducated under systems.  The system of "education," as we now have it, forces us, all, to live outside of ourselves, for that system gives us an apriori, robotic, and external way of surviving life, instead of living it fully.

The wonderful anecdote told by John Lennon illustrates my point, here, most cogently:  Sir Lennon was asked by his Kindergarten teacher, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  "Happy." the young Lennon said, in response to the question, simply!  The teacher, educated, miseducated, and diseducated by systems, retorted strongly, "You did NOT understand the question!"  For one's true happiness, or more to the point, Joy, is within oneself, and systems cannot control that which is internal/within; therefore, systems must draw one out, outside of oneself, literally, and figuratively through an insidious, external systems of "education."

People, who have re-educated themselves to live within themselves, and find their real, inner peace, Joy there, have been made into "saints," or "pariahs" of some sorts to one group or another; the Dalai Lama comes to mind, here, as he is both, a "pariah" to the Chinese Government, and a living "saint" to the rest of us.  "Saints" and "pariahs" both must suffer greatly, under our and systems' eyes, for choosing to live within themselves, and we honor, revere, and ecclesiastically canonize "saints" in life or/and in death, for we've been taught, by systems, to believe that "saints," living or ascended, are most "unlike" the rest of us.  But we continually say, "We ,all, want peace, and want to live in peace with our human family."

But living under any system makes peace unnaturally impossible!

Nelson Mandela, lived as a "pariah," then as a living "saint" before he ascended.  As a "pariah" for he dared to live within himself, and a living "saint" for he continued to live the rest of his life within himself.  The insight, here, from Nelson Mandela's way of life:  circumstances external may change and they do change always like the fickle moon, but living within oneself will provide one with the courage, love, patience, and empathy to be, live fully human, for to live within oneself is to be unshakeably, fully human.

May God, Allah, or whatever one may call the Magnetic Force Field, who/which--I believe that God is ineffable, so pronouns don't apply--attracts our Humanity as One-Whole, bestow upon, our Jewish and Palestinian sisters and brothers, the courage, wisdom, love, and empathy to live within themselves as one human family, thereby transcending the immaterial differences between them, borne out of living under systems, which have kept them apart, so far!

With agape,

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Story of Forgiveness, Atonement, and Redemption

Follow the link below, to watch a TED Talks video on forgivenessatonement, and redemption.  I assure you, GOoglers, that you will NOT regret watching the video and/or reading the excerpts, below,  from the transcript.  
Deeply insightful and inspirational!

Excerpts  from the TRANSCRIPT
"Twenty-three years ago, at the age of 19, I shot and killed a man. I was a young drug dealer with a quick temper and a semi-automatic pistol."

"But that wasn't the end of my story. In fact, it was the beginning, and the 23 years since is a story of acknowledgment, apology and atonement. But it didn't happen in the way that you might imagine or think. These things occurred in my life in a way that was surprising,especially to me."

"See, like many of you, growing up, I was an honor roll student, a scholarship student, with dreams of becoming a doctor. But things went dramatically wrong when my parents separated and eventually divorced."

"The actual events are pretty straightforward. At the age of 17, I got shot three times standing on the corner of my block in Detroit. My friend rushed me to the hospital. Doctors pulled the bullets out, patched me up, and sent me back to the same neighborhood where I got shot. Throughout this ordeal, no one hugged me, no one counseled me, no one told me I would be okay. No one told me that I would live in fear, that I would become paranoid, or that I would react hyper-violently to being shot.  No one told me that one day, I would become the person behind the trigger. Fourteen months later, at 2 a.m., I fired the shots that caused a man's death."

"When I entered prison, I was bitter, I was angry, I was hurt. I didn't want to take responsibility. I blamed everybody from my parents to the system. I rationalized my decision to shoot because in the hood where I come from, it's better to be the shooter than the person getting shot. As I sat in my cold cell, I felt helpless, unloved and abandoned. I felt like nobody cared, and I reacted with hostility to my confinement. And I found myself getting deeper and deeper into trouble. I ran black market stores, I loan sharked, and I sold drugs that were illegally smuggled into the prison. I had in fact become what the warden of the Michigan Reformatory called "the worst of the worst." And because of my activity, I landed in solitary confinement for seven and a half years out of my incarceration."

"... but unfortunately the system that currently holds 2.5 million people in prison is designed to warehouse as opposed to rehabilitate or transform. So I made it up in my mind that if I was ever released from prison that I would do everything in my power to help change that."

 "And one of the things that we talked about is the three things that I found important in my personal transformation, the first being acknowledgment. I had to acknowledge that I had hurt others. I also had to acknowledge that I had been hurt. The second thing was apologizing. I had to apologize to the people I had hurt. Even though I had no expectations of them accepting it, it was important to do because it was the right thing. But I also had to apologize to myself. The third thing was atoning. For me, atoning meant going back into my community and working with at-risk youth who were on the same path, but also becoming at one with myself."

"Through my experience of being locked up, one of the things I discovered is this: the majority of men and women who are incarcerated are redeemable, and the fact is, 90 percent of the men and women who are incarcerated will at some point return to the community, and we have a role in determining what kind of men and women return to our community."
"My wish today is that we will embrace a more empathetic approach toward how we deal with mass incarceration, that we will do away with the lock-them-up-and-throw-away-the-key mentality, because it's proven it doesn't work."
"My journey is a unique journey, but it doesn't have to be that way. Anybody can have a transformation if we create the space for that to happen. So what I'm asking today is that you envision a world where men and women aren't held hostage to their pasts, where misdeeds and mistakes don't define you for the rest of your life. I think collectively, we can create that reality, and I hope you do too."

Monday, July 7, 2014

Will You Stand With Our Humanity?

Will You Stand With Our Humanity?

If you are a young person, who happens to view this post, please understand the word, "faggot" is a derogatory term used to refer to someone who happens to love a member of his same sex.  Please do NOT give yourself permission to use, then, the NASTY term or curse word, ever, to refer to anyone, even if you hear a homophobic adult use it.  Thanks!  Keep your heart soft, and stay loving!
With agape,

"You Are A Divine Project"

"A very poor woman called a
Christian radio station asking for
help. A bad, evil man, who was
listening to this radio program,
decided to make something out of it.

He got her address, called his
secretary and ordered her to buy
food and take to the woman with
the following instruction:
"when the woman asks who sent the food, tell her that it is from the devil.''
When [his secretary] arrived, the [very poor] woman was so
happy and she started putting the food inside.
The Secretary asked her, ''don't
you want to know who sent the food?"
The woman answered. ''NO, it doesn't matter, because when
GOD orders, even the devil obeys."
The secretary broke into tears.


You are a divine project, so shall
God accomplish whatever that concerns you.
That thing in your life that seems
impossible, shall be possible. God will take you to a greater
height; God is opening your "Book
of Remembrance," because you are
next in line to be favored
in Jesus Christ's name."
***I found this post on GOogle+; "Originally Shared" by Lara Stang.  Thanks to the writer(s) of those beautifully weaved words and their inherent sentiment!***
With agape,

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Where Joy Procreates!

Where Joy Procreates!

Where the heart is
one's peace lives
where love resides
the soul abides
where Joy procreates
the Higher Self awaits.