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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Artist As Midhusband

The Artist As Midhusband

Ideas come in the shower,
like children competing 
for a parent's attention.

"Pick me, me, meee,"
they would scream, one after 
the other, then simultaneously.

The artist's spirit wants 
to honor them all, but painfully, soon 
realizes the impossibility of his attempt.

The freedom comes with the realization:
I do not give birth to those ideas,
but merely midhusband them to creation.

Love Is A Star

Love Is A Star

When the heart of a lover reflects 
the sun like a star,
then all is right with love,
as when the moon reflects her sun.

But soon lovers forget
that a star is a star,
because he reflects
the sun, "his" sun.

Monday, April 21, 2014

I Am An Equal Humanity Advocate

I Am An Equal Humanity Advocate

Last Monday, April 14, 2014, I turned on my laptop, and my homepage, "Google News," popped up, of course, and so I quickly glanced at their "Top Stories," as usual, "Utah Woman Admits Killing 6 Babies Inside Home," authorities say, the headline read.  So I double-clicked to read more.

If you have been reading my blog from day one, you know that I am of a full-mind that benign gossip or rumor is most beneficial for our species, members of a civilized society living with morals. Gossip or rumor, when it is in its benign form, allows members of, on a larger scale, society, and a smaller scale, social group, to set, have clearly defined guidelines for acceptable, socially-approved behaviors--read for "For Everything There Is A Season..." in Mondo's Popular Posts on my blog.

Now I am of an equally full-mind that we, as a society or members of a social group, need to be much more into each other's "business" or lives.  How many times do we, as a society, need to read, or hear about those headlines of mothers killing their children in acts of pure insanity or less-human--and in this specific case, clearly not temporary insanity or slow-degradation of humanity--and no one, not neighbors, or family members, knows anything, not even the possibility that the person(s) involved was/were clearly capable of such premeditated, or not, violent act.

Yeah, we all have learned to keep ourselves very busy, concerned with our own issues only, and those of our loved-ones, but the perceived "strange," less-human, and socially-introverted neighbor or family member, we leave alone, and when a person is left alone, she or he might be living in his "own head;" therefore, totally unaware of acceptable, or more-human behaviors.

And my above insight or point does NOT, in any way, negate the pre-ordained, and apriori responsibility of the individual to seek out help from, advice from, and equanimity through the other.  I am merely making the point that we are responsible for each other in ways far greater than we have imagined,or behaved thus far, with our limited human insights.

I believe with every fiber in my being that we should make it, or at the very least, perceive it amoral for anyone to be socially isolated, and left so; it should be our moral obligation to connect with each other, and not just members of our family or social group, and refuse anyone of us, living within a society and enjoying all of its benefits, to isolate away from the rest of us, for one does not learn to become, or be, a human being on one's own, in isolation.  What it is to be human is learned in relation to the group at large, and failure to connect, in a real essential way, with the group at large, threatens exponentially the individual to become less- and less-human or to "live in his head," and in a fantastical world of his creation, where clearly defined norms of humanity or general acceptable human behavior is never learned and reinforced; thus, exposing the rest of us to behavior less-human.

Now, some of us isolate ourselves within our religion, culture, profession, and social group away from humanity at large.  A terrorist, a religious zealot, a homophobic person, a xenophobe, or a male chauvinist, Hitler and his Nazis are perfect examples of what I would term, macro-isolation--I think I have just coined this one; not claimed on Google engine search.  With macro-isolation, you isolate yourself away from humanity at large, within members of your smaller group of choice for inherent survival needs, and with micro-isolation--another coinage of mine--you isolate yourself in your apartment, office, house, or car, again away from humanity at large--and I am not talking about the occasional human need for time away from the larger group to be reenergised in an authentic, real way.

Now, there are three reasons for which folks isolate themselves: one, for we feel internally "deficient" in some way(s), and therefore, believe, and have convinced ourselves that perception is fact, that humanity at large would not have or find room for us; two, we feel outright "rejected" by society, for some reason(s), at large through our perception, though we've convinced ourselves, again, to believe it as irrefutable fact. And three, well, a combination of the previous two reasons.

How many of us allow the socially-introverted neighbor to live in micro-isolation, away from the other members of the coop building?  How many of us allow our less-human coworker to eat his lunch closeted away, alone in his office or car?  How many of us allow our religious neighbor, or family member to live in macro-isolation away from the rest of humanity at large?  How many of us make it a moral obligation as a human being to invite our elderly, micro-isolated neighbor to our apartment or house for tea?  How many of us offer our help, in any way, to the micro-isolated single-mother of five with a newborn?  I must channel the spirit of a great human being, here, the Rabbi Abraham Joshua Herschel, says, "...some are guilty, but all are responsible."

Yes, I believe that I have found my purpose in life, and it is to be with every fiber of my being, as I lead my own journey to become more human, to be an Equal Humanity Advocate--I believe I have coined another, but that's quite alright, for I am not doing so with hubris, but with a love for humanity, period.  I want to teach others and myself, of course, in the process, to deisolate themselves in order to become more human, and I want to parlay my own personal skills and experiences, in journeying to become more human, into an advocacy or non-profit organization of one, or the many if you, readers, want to join me in that, our journey together.

With agape,

Winged Beauty

Winged Beauty

If the beauty in my heart
had wings, my darling,
It would, to your heart, fly
to pollinate the flower
within your heart, exclusively;
thus, our love eternal propagating
within the hearts of every sentient being.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Be Heartful Lovers!

Be Heartful Lovers!

Hello, Lovers:

Please be heartful!
Love should come
from the heart always.

Too often love comes
from the lover's mind,
his inherited human mind,

And not love's heartful dominion,
molded out of beauty assayed
by time, tradition, and culture.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Linear Or Circular Continuity Versus Pure Randomness

Linear Or Circular Continuity Versus Pure Randomness

We have "classics" in the art form, because we do invent an unnatural, and fantastical world in which we are able to step in the same river more than once.

It is easy for us to look at Hollywood and place the full blame on the heads of the various studios for producing and reproducing what have proven "successful" in our minds and hearts and their bank accounts, but the responsibility belongs to us, all, for fearing to live in a world where pure randomness is naturally embraced, and linear or circular continuity is abhorred.

Case in point:  I was watching an interview with the award winning Nigerian novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, where she was asked about a writer's workshop she leads every Summer in her homeland, and she told the interviewer about having more than 2,000 people apply for 20 spots or seats, "and about 15% of the applicants' writings were rubbish," she said, "people who just imagined they were writers, but the rest of it were people who deeply cared about storytelling, read books, and interested in bettering their writings."

So, then, a formula, which is linear or circular, used to validate writers arises:  read the "classics," have a good memory, and be willing to follow traditions, and standards to some comfortable deviation or parameter that has been well established or tested before, like when Hollywood screen-tests its movies before releasing them to the public or larger audience for profit.

Could one, who had not read the "classics," not taken proper grammar classes, not taken any proper writer's workshop, be taken seriously as a "writer" by the elite, the "masters?"

In the end, we do not want ever to veer off too far from tradition, culture, standard of what has been "successful" or accepted by the majority, the elite, or the "masters"--yes, they are mostly inherited men--of a specific field or profession; thus, we create and recreate that fantastical river in which we could step in twice with full apriori knowledge, experiences or mere comfort for comfort's sake.

And the insight or the conclusion, the only one possible to draw, is that our wanting to hang on too tightly to tradition, standard, and culture in order to create and recreate an orderly linear world of apriori experiences is what propagates racism, and all the other "isms" we want to dismantle in our lifetime. Well maybe, what it will take is for us all to realize that we are living so unnaturally, out of fear of not being able to control our external and internal world.  In other words, we fear randomness, and therefore, have set up a fantastical world in which we merely reinforce the human brain's unnatural predisposition for linear or circular continuity, and inadvertently, its aversion for pure randomness.

Everyone of us, human being, has a lived, experienced story of our own, and that is our artistic carte blance, our human validity, and full right to be writers, regardless of conventions, usually set up unnaturally by those in positions of power to dictate to the rest of us what course or means to be used to attain our goal, and usually those means, skills, tools, or rules are kept as secrets by the ones who create them to separate us and maintain control over our stories of lived experiences.

Our very humanity created and recreated is about linear or circular continuity, as we perceive it or able to make sense of it:  created over time, ages which we perceive mostly as linear for our human brain loves linear or circular continuity (the-sun-rises-in-the-East syndrome, I call it); now try to imagine if one morning, the sun did not rise in the East, all of a sudden; how would our human brain process, make sense of that?  We would all freak out, to say the least!

And that is why (insight) when a group of us, for example, the Civil Rights Movement, wants to change that linear continuity, we need to meet that resistance, always, to change with empathy and agape, for it, resistance to change, in general, is in/with all of us, human beings--to see one's self in the other always, in every case.

With agape,

Friday, April 18, 2014

Eyes With Aperture Wide

Eyes With Aperture Wide

She came into the movie theater
and infiltrated my mind
through my eyes with aperture wide.

I looked once, to imagine her
my soul's mate and I,
Captain America, to her rescue romantic.

Twice, to take in her beauty 
unique like a blood moon, 
and I, a celestial watcher.

A third, to reflect that it takes
the eyes quite longer of a time to reach
the depth of the other's soul,

Take in data, perform analysis,
and reach a conclusion ultimate,
to not be denied by the romantic heart.

I went on to watch the movie, Captain America, 
with my son, and possibly my soul's mate
sitting two chairs down left of him.

"God bestow upon all lovers agape true
and the wisdom to use it well," I prayed then
in my romantic heart and mind,

With my heart engulfed in a sort
of fiery conflict of emotions
spurred on by two concurrent heartbreaks.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blues From The Deep Old South

Blues From The Deep Old South

Oh, Lord!  The night is long,
made longer by my mind engulfed
in an ocean of blues from the deep old South 
when my ancestors were slaves on the plantations.

And the day forebodes
longer hours as my hands
made bloody with callouses
from dirty toiling in the factory.

Means To A Double End

Means To A Double End

"Oh, Lord," my mother prayed,
"Why do we live as if life, itself, were
thee highest-staked game of championship chess?"

"What do you mean, mother?" 
I asked her very politely.

"We live as if we could be and 
did not, ever wanna be the other's pawn,
by any means!" she said.

"And all the men, I have observed, 
wanna be kings, and fearing
to be checkmated, they use
their queens as pawns 
to a double end:
To win at all cost, in spite of 
losing their souls, or their natural manhood!"

"Then, the inherited men
force, us, women to live
unnaturally, outside of ourselves,
as their subservients, or inherited women!"

"Mother," I reflected out loud, "How do we stop 
that most insidious way of surviving
life instead of living it?"

She thought long and hard
for a few seconds, and replied,
"Well, I have been praying a long time
for that answer, so maybe the Lord wants us
to come up with the answer ourselves
down here, as we create and recreate
what it is to be human, our human essence,
through hellish-fire molded."
"It is and will be worth it!" 
She added with a full smiley face.

I agreed wholeheartedly.
"My mom is wise and awesome,"
I thought.

"I hope she is right," then I reflected, much later, 
after our conversation that day,
"for our sake, humanity's sake."

To Live Or To Survive...? (An Epiphany # 9)

To Live Or To Survive...?
(An Epiphany # 9)

Surviving life and living life are two very distinct things and and they may be as well opposites!

To survive life is having--feeling, believing--your experiences outweigh your humanity.  You are, then, merely alive, for you feel and believe that you have no other choice, and are too cowardly to commit suicide, or at the very least that's what one, in that frame of mind, would feel and believe in their guts.

But, on the other end, to live life is to choose that your humanity outweighs your experiences as an individual, for one's experiences, as a lone being, does not affect humanity's essence, in any way, and the totality of your experiences, their meaning, perception is up to you, and therefore, transcendence comes about with the insight that you, as a human being, are way bigger than the mere sum of your experiences--an atom of water in that wonderful ocean of atoms, we call humanity.

Here's to hoping we all choose to live life, instead of merely surviving it.

With agape,

Pretty As A Gaye's Song

Pretty As A Gaye's Song

"You are as pretty
as a Gaye's song," 
he whispered
in her ear.

"Sing me, then,
like Marvin would,
and I will, your mic
kiss, a beautiful song,"
she murmured in his ear.

Of Two Minds

Of Two Minds

I am of two minds:

One, to cry 
tears of irresponsibility
for my validator's moving on.

"Who will corroborate 
my experiences, now?" 
I ponder.

And one, ready to take
the helm as my
ultimate authenticator.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When Reverence Turns To Disdain

When Reverence Turns To Disdain

When reverence turns to disdain,
heart shatters like window pane
against a cyclonic wind.

And as rare as the tetrad,
reverence turns to
antipathy most gradually,

for an ocean of troubles
is always preceded
by rivers of same.

To Be Assertive Or Not To Be Assertive...?

To Be Assertive Or Not To Be Assertive...?
Reclaiming My Humanity

I just stood up for myself today at the gym--which shall remain nameless to protect the blameless; also I work out at several gyms--, and not with hubris, but with calm assertiveness. How do I know that I was calm?  When I become irate, my body shakes uncontrollably, my heart rate goes way up, and my breathing becomes labored--none of those symptoms or factors was triggered in me, in this specific case, today.

The insight about rules, in general, is that one cannot selectively observe only those that are convenient, and not obey those that are not expedient to our means, and thus end, for our brain is a patterning organ, and soon a general pattern of behaviors arises, in spite of our original goal:  Rules, in general, become impediments to our very raison d'etre.

To be assertive, to me, does not mean that one gets into a physical, or verbal, for that matter, altercation with the other; to be assertive means that I stand up for myself, my principles, and morals by practicing life- and self-affirming rituals to develop the muscles of a moral imagination, in order to become more human, and nevertheless, at times, knowing, well in advance, that the likelihood of getting my gluteus maximus royally kicked in the arena is a very high probability.

Case in point
The nameless gym has clearly posted rules, and one of them is that folks should not use "more than one machine at a time," but a few do not follow that rule, I have observed on several occasions.  So one powerful externally, young man, along with his workout partner who happens to be a paid employee of the nameless gym, were using, alternately, several machines; the bench-press machine was left unattended, so I proceeded to clean it in order to put it to good use, when the young man came up, and said belligerently,"I am still using it!"  At that time, I took a few steps back, and retorted, "You didn't have to say it like that!"
Now the young and externally powerful man could clearly have kicked my gluteus maximus, but I stood my grounds, and then told him that he was not supposed to alternate between machines according to posted gym rules, and that he could have said it nicer; at that point, he retorted that, "You are not going to talk to me like I am a child!"  Now the word, "child" coming from the young man crystallized in me something, for I then said, "Do you know what I do?"  And as soon as I said those words, I thought to myself, "What am I saying?  I am not in law enforcement?"  But later, upon reflection, I realized that those words were clearly for me:  to remind myself that I have a career, a son, reason, and the skills to deescalate myself, and possibly the other, in certain situations.  (Insight:  sometimes the words, we speak to the other, are mostly for us, for they serve as reminders or cues to take heed, and be mistresses of all of our faculties, actions, and choices.) Several people, at that point, had gotten between us, including another paid employee, to ease the tension between us, two. 

I, also, did not use any "fighting" words that could have further escalated his ire against me, in general, like the what-are-you-going-to-do type, when he told me, "to move back," and that he was "still taking over the bench" in question.

I walked away with two certainties, today:  one, I could have gotten my gluteus maximus kicked royally, two, and my humanity reclaimed, once more--one does NOT need to claim one's humanity ever, but, at times, one may need to affirm and reclaim one's humanity through assertive rituals.

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong [or weak, in my case, physically]  man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”  --Theodore Roosevelt

And with more practice, practice, practice, the next time I get in the arena with the other to assert, affirm, and reclaim my humanity, I may be more calm and empathetic, in the process.  But I will NOT monday-night-quaterback myself in this case specific, now and hopefully never, for to do so is to fear the consequences of being assertive--the consequences are well worth affirming, and reclaiming my humanity.

With agape,

Into His Totality

Into His Totality

A man's heart
follow after, must,
his flourishes
to break out
into his totality.

The Soul's Highest Depth

The Soul's Highest Depth

Flow with your flourishes, man!
Your heart and soul will be
always balanced thus
to elevate your Being beautiful
to Her highest depth,
natural manhood.

Helen Of Brooklyn

Helen Of Troy Brooklyn

Helen Of Brooklyn loves inherited
men as a means to an end, 
her natural womanhood's end:
to survive in a patriarchal world.

So she sharpens her thighs
like two butcher's knives
in a vain goal to appropriate inherited manhood.

With her vagina she entertains
with visions of hell and heaven
so to send men into internal conflicts.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Marriage Eternal

Marriage Eternal

Love without eyes
sees her beloved.
Art without means
finds her end through him.
Beauty without speech
speaks her reflection in her eyes.
Life without death
invent him anew would
with her breathy incantations
to being--wedded
where no mortals could
ever dissever their 
blissful marriage eternal.

Lovers On The Train

Lovers On The Train

On the train to 
Brownsville, New York
lovers look: 
out of time
out of place
out of body
out of mind
out of care,
but into their love
into their freedom
into their authenticity
into their space, mutual,
molded out 
of love assayed.