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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Muslim Women Speak 4 Themselves!!! #MartyredInHijab [For Sisters ONLY]


"They say wearing Hijab oppresses us."

"Well, how do you define freedom, then?"

"It is being able to do whatever [within the law, universal morality, I must add here] you want to do."
"Even if everyone else is doing the opposite."

"We do NOT need compliments from a guy, or recognition from a magazine to know that we are beautiful."

"We know we are beautiful.  We know we are Queens, because our Creator told us so."

The women, in this video, are so courageous, softly-powerful--which is real, inner, authentic power--insightful, empathetic, loving, religious, and above all, humanitarians.
Thanks so much to the Muslim ladies in this video for teaching me, as a man, about some of the reasons why they have chosen to wear the Hijab, be Muslims.
We all need to use the sacred, religion, and universal morality which all the major religions have given birth to, to bring us together as one human family, and NOT pull us apart!  There is a dire need for togetherness in our world today!

Congratulations, It's Ramadan!

Thanks for sharing, and resharing Googlers.

With agape,
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