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Friday, July 4, 2014

Dear GOoglers!

July 03, 2014

Dear _____________________________,

God, our Universe, Mother Nature, or whatever one may call the Greater Power or Magnetic Force which guides us, humanity as a whole, loves irony, for it is most ironic that I would be, want to be, in a position to help others, and myself in the process, to de-isolate themselves, thus becoming an active part of the collective human experience we refer fondly to as life.

As I have discussed with my therapist, on many occasions/sessions, I am merely the alcoholic advising others of the dangers of alcohol, or in my case of the dangers of living--just barely surviving, instead of living, away from his/her social group, society, neighbors, or humanity as a whole.  In my specific case, “Social Anxiety” had lead me further, and father away from humanity at large, and so as I have embarked on my personal journey to become more human, with the help of my therapists, and countless of others' who had/have helped me with sticks or/and carrots as consequences for my behaviors of the past, I urge you to join me in creating a vibrant community in our building, our lives--both personal and professional.

With agape,
David M.
--Anonymous (Thanks to the writer(s) of "How To Build A Community")
I found the picture on GOogle+
Thanks GOoglers for sharing and resharing.

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