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Sunday, July 20, 2014

"HIV Infections Are Rising Among Gay Men In Many Parts Of The World" --W.H.O.

"HIV Infections Are Rising Among Gay Men..." --W.H.O.

Please click on the above link for the audio podcast from "On The Media."

"Late last week, the World Health Organization announces that HIV infections are rising among gay men in many parts of the world."

"1 in 6 gay men report to using condoms as protection when having sex outside monogamous relationships."

To:  All My Gay Men GOoglers,

Please make sure you protect yourself; please do NOT have unprotected sex, unless you are (BOTH) in a monogamous, committed relationship with a partner you trust and love!  And my plea/warning goes to, mostly, especially, young gay men, who were NOT born, before a time, to experience the AIDS/HIV epidemic from its start, in the 80's, 90's.
With agape,

"'Truvada' is a drug that, taken daily, has been show to prevent HIV infection by as much as 99 percent. Like the polio vaccine, or like the birth control pill, it's a medical breakthrough worthy of massive coverage. Why hasn't there been? Brooke speaks to Rich Juzwiak, a Gawker staff writer, about the drug and what’s holding it back in the media."

Please click on the link above/top of page to listen to the audio podcast from "On The Media."

Thanks for sharing and resharing, GOoglers.
With agape,

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