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Monday, July 14, 2014

Be A Man: Joe Ehrmann at TEDxBaltimore 2013

Excerpts from the TEDx video
3 Myth Of Masculinity  from "Be A Man" by Joe Ehrman 
(at TEDx Baltimore 2013)

*Ball Field: athletic ability, size, strength, skill set

*Bedroom: sexual conquest

*Billfold: economic success

Redefining Masculinity  from "Be A Man" by Joe Ehrman 
(at TEDx Baltimore 2013)

Two Criteria:

1.  Relationships:  to love and be loved

2.  Commitment to a cause:  make the world a better place [than you've found it to be].
***end of excerpts***

Remember, GOoglers, that gender is an insidious, patriarchal,
"men-made,"  literally, construct.  Men are socialized to believe that they have/must live up--or down literally, depending on your perspective--to those insidious myths of "manhood" cited above by Joe Ehrman in his TEDx video!
We must all unlearn these insidious beliefs from our socialization to welcome the "beloved community."
Thanks for sharing and resharing, GOoglers.

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