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Saturday, July 12, 2014

An Epiphany #12: To Live Within Is To Be Fully Human

To Live Within Is To Be Fully Human

An Epiphany #12

When we call the other "bad," "evil," or "mischievous," we end up giving the other an irrefutable excuse/reason to stay stuck in one specific life stage, or at the very least to stay there longer than needed to learn the lesson(s) at that specific 

We, all, have fallen prey to systems, and live under systems' control.  So when the individual lives under systems, he lives outside of himself, and therefore has been socialized by systems to believe that he needs to manipulate and compete with his outside, external environment to feel loved, secure, and happy, for love, security, and happiness are all three relative or in direct scarcity to what/who has more/less materially/externally than the other.

This merely surviving under systems, as systems' preys, will always lead unnaturally to a need for wars over the fear of scarcity, or external powers.

We, all, are educated, miseducated, and diseducated under systems.  The system of "education," as we now have it, forces us, all, to live outside of ourselves, for that system gives us an apriori, robotic, and external way of surviving life, instead of living it fully.

The wonderful anecdote told by John Lennon illustrates my point, here, most cogently:  Sir Lennon was asked by his Kindergarten teacher, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"  "Happy." the young Lennon said, in response to the question, simply!  The teacher, educated, miseducated, and diseducated by systems, retorted strongly, "You did NOT understand the question!"  For one's true happiness, or more to the point, Joy, is within oneself, and systems cannot control that which is internal/within; therefore, systems must draw one out, outside of oneself, literally, and figuratively through an insidious, external systems of "education."

People, who have re-educated themselves to live within themselves, and find their real, inner peace, Joy there, have been made into "saints," or "pariahs" of some sorts to one group or another; the Dalai Lama comes to mind, here, as he is both, a "pariah" to the Chinese Government, and a living "saint" to the rest of us.  "Saints" and "pariahs" both must suffer greatly, under our and systems' eyes, for choosing to live within themselves, and we honor, revere, and ecclesiastically canonize "saints" in life or/and in death, for we've been taught, by systems, to believe that "saints," living or ascended, are most "unlike" the rest of us.  But we continually say, "We ,all, want peace, and want to live in peace with our human family."

But living under any system makes peace unnaturally impossible!

Nelson Mandela, lived as a "pariah," then as a living "saint" before he ascended.  As a "pariah" for he dared to live within himself, and a living "saint" for he continued to live the rest of his life within himself.  The insight, here, from Nelson Mandela's way of life:  circumstances external may change and they do change always like the fickle moon, but living within oneself will provide one with the courage, love, patience, and empathy to be, live fully human, for to live within oneself is to be unshakeably, fully human.

May God, Allah, or whatever one may call the Magnetic Force Field, who/which--I believe that God is ineffable, so pronouns don't apply--attracts our Humanity as One-Whole, bestow upon, our Jewish and Palestinian sisters and brothers, the courage, wisdom, love, and empathy to live within themselves as one human family, thereby transcending the immaterial differences between them, borne out of living under systems, which have kept them apart, so far!

With agape,

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