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Monday, June 30, 2014

Patriarchy: An Insidious System!

Patriarchy:  An Insidious System

Question:  "When did doing something "like a girl" become an insult?"  --Always #likeagirl

Question: How insidious is patriarchy?

(a)  "A girl's confidence plummets during puberty [also known as the formative years in a girl's life, and we all know the crucial importance of confidence in attaining your life's goals, thus in becoming more human]!"

(b)  Women, with the same professional skills as men, earn way less money in their jobs, careers, on the average.

(c)  With the gender binary system, women are socialized to 
be the "weaker sex," the "inferior" sex, the "less-human" sex.

(d)  With the gender binary system, men are socialized to be the "strong" sex, the "superior" sex, the "more-human" sex.

(e)  Sexual assaults on women around the world continue to be a major problem facing our women.

(f)  Homophobia keeps patriarchal men trapped inside the "man box," for fear of being treated like we treat our women.

(g)  Patriarchal men are socialized to disconnect from their emotions, feelings, or humanity, for vulnerability is believed to be weakness or "girly."

(h)  If I cannot feel my own emotions as a man, a patriarchal man, then it follows unnaturally, that I cannot identify or empathize with your, the other's emotions, feelings, or humanity.

(i)  1 out 5 women, in the USA, say they have been sexually assaulted sometime in their lives."  --Colin Stokes from "How Movies Teach Manhood"

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