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Monday, June 30, 2014

Dowry System: How To Boycott An Insidious System

Knowledge Wisdom Power: How can we boycott Dowry System from Our Society: "One of the steps to minimize gender inequality can be done by boycotting dowry system from the society. How do we define dowry system? Dowr..."


"What are the reasons for the occurrence of dowry system? There are several reasons for the occurrence of dowry system. It is a necessary precondition for marriage that if there is no dowry there will be no marriage which has become a widespread fear. And, as a result the bride's family have to offer good dowry thinking that their daughter would get proper respect and love in her future home. In the society still bride is treated as a price tag, the bigger price the better. We can often see this more in arrange marriages where a man does not marry for love but for wealth. For this man and his family, a woman becomes the ticket as a shortcut to become rich."

"Families with boy as a child take the advantages of their child's marriage by fulfilling their desire of owning things that they can't afford to buy. The girl's parents do not protest against this dowry system because they regard their union as a stepping stone towards higher social status. Instead of boycotting the dowry system, they just motivate other people too for the dowry."

"There is steady rise in dowry crimes which is not good in the society. More and more women are killed everywhere or they are physically and mentally tortured by the boy and his family if they don't get the dowry as they demanded. Dowry as a phenomenon has gone beyond the ritual of marriage."

"How can we boycott dowry system? How can we stop it? It can be minimized if Women get real social, political, financial, and moral support in their fight against system. They have to be empowered so that they can take their decisions about their own life by refusing the dowry system. Women empowerment is must to stop dowry system. If women are empowered, many problems can be solved in a simple and easy ways."

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