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Saturday, June 7, 2014

An Epiphany #11 (Blind And Unforgiving Systems)

An Epiphany #11
(Blind And Unforgiving Systems)

I believe the reason why we need to have more empathy for human beings in position of external power is:  they are working within/with a human system which is imperfect--the individual human being, though, is always above systems, thus always noble.

By the time a politician, for example, comes into external power, he inherits a system which has been in place long before--centuries before in some cases--he gets elected, and systems, by their man-made nature, are in place to keep the status quo, to keep order, to keep tradition or culture, to keep a linear or circular continuity, which our human brain loves, and interprets as orderly, and as byproduct a false equilibrium and a state of the known is reached--the sun-always-rises-in-the-East syndrome, I call it.

We fear the unknown so much that we are willing to give our human freedom, thus freewill, away to systems to control, and manipulate our lives into a false known series of man-made events, experiences that duplicate and replicate themselves over and over again to give us the illusion of order, continuity, and false safety from any unknowns in this scary universe we inhabit, forlorn, without gods or/and goddesses; therefore, our man-made systems have usurped the throne of an omnipotent, omnipresent goddess, to leave us in the all-too-powerful hands of blind, and unforgiving, man-made systems. 

Systems be NOT proud! Our noble Human Nature shall dethrone you, by-and-by.

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