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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.6)

Mondo's Aphorisms (p.6)

It's the choice-, consequence-making ownership that changes behavior for the long-term; thus, one transcends the unwanted behavior, and routinized the wanted behavior.

Within your perceived "good" are seeds of "bad," and within your perceived "bad" are seeds of "good;" thus, in the end your life will reflect what you have chosen to cultivate.

Human life only exists in the interaction between human beings; therefore, if our interaction is unequal, imbalanced, and negative, then life itself is unbearable in some totally less-human ways.

Nothing is "wrong" in/with yourself or the other, but the perception of the beholder.

The perception of the beholder is always subject to change, and that change itself is subject to change.

Patriarchy is inherited homophobia, and must be transcended for us to enter the "beloved community."

Homophobia is the insidious fuel that propels patriarchy.

Patriarchy is homophobia dressed in women's clothes.

Patriarchy is homophobia, and homophobia is inherited patriarchy.

The insightful reason for the wherefore things go "awry" in one's life is always within one, if you look, again, with a child's eyes.

Since we are social animals, the seeds of one's "bad" or "good" intentions or actions will bear fruits exponentially.

Misogyny is misplaced, inherited homophobia.

Homophobia is misogyny by another name.

In the long run, it benefits none of us, human beings, or humanity, Herself as a whole, to act in bad faith consciously or unconsciously.

Patriarchy regresses humanity toward the "beloved community" (now that's an oxymoron for you!).

To satisfy an insatiable miseducation, one must read more misinformation to diseducate oneself.

Offer your life of good deeds to humanity, and in return no one will be able to appropriate any of your valuables.

Homophobia is subtle, insidious misogyny.

Stories shape, define, and redefine the human experience, thus humanity, Herself.

One, who finds himself, too often, trying to change the other, has never tried in truth to change himself from the inside-out.

Misandry is an insidious fear of misogyny.

Joy is non-measurable and immeasurable.

Therapy is a wonderful journey toward your most dynamic, authentic self.

Your struggles are precious gifts to humanity, so struggle and give back.

Money is a most jealous lover; if you cuckold her with a gigolo's irresponsibility, she will not kiss your hands with her opulent presence, ever.

Expectation is a beast as real as a rainbow, thus elusive.

If you are not at the stage where you've learned to have absolutely no expectation of the other, then try to practice lowering your expectation(s) to align with the other's stage of being.

Hollywood always makes sure of 2 things:  one, they do not surprise their audience; and two, their audience does not surprise it.

Partners, in an intimate relationship, break up for their individual self-interests no longer intersect at some comfortable point of mutual interests.

Be vulnerable enough to let the other see and know the "real" you, with all your fears and aspirations.

...and he, who, self-diagnoses, has a hubristic fool for a therapist.

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