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Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Epiphany (# 10)

Epiphany (# 10)

Both crime and our world's justice system are propelled by and rooted in the same, fear.

People commit crimes out of fear of not living up to some standard(s), call it honor, tradition, sometimes; at other times, fear of scarcity, psychosis (the basis for the fear, at times, is rooted in psychosis of some type), and at other times, a fear of fear itself, borne out of a patriarchal inheritance that forces most men to not be in touch with their emotions, thus not ever being able to feel fear without becoming the very thing they've learned, been taught to disassociate their masculinity from, and thus their humanity or empathetic muscles.

On the other hand, our world's justice system is totally reactionary, at the very least, and not at all redemptive. Out of a fear that people will commit crimes far too easily, like the Wild West, we have fashioned the hand of our laws strong and heavy, and most often indifferent and blinded by fears.

And the fear of the strong, heavy hand of our laws has not proven a good deterrent at all for those of us, who are fearful enough to commit crimes.

Fear will always sire more of itself, more fear.

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